Majestic Son

1:52.4 - $1,993,157. Bay Horse foaled 2003. 15.3 Hands

As a racehorse Majestic Son was outstanding winning almost $2 million and at stud Majestic Son is the dominant trotting stallion in the Southern Hemisphere today.

He sired the winners of almost all major races on offer, set and broken records across Australia and New Zealand and achieved top sale prices in the ring.

He is a three time leading trotting stallion in Australia and in 2017/18 he became the leading trotting stallion in New Zealand.

  • A Breeders Crown winning, World Champion son of the champion sire Angus Hall.
  • Three time leading trotting stallion in Australia
  • 2017/18 leading trotting stallion in New Zealand trotting.
  • Crossing especially well with daughters of Sundon.


AUS Pay On Pos Test: $5,000 (incl GST)
NZ Pay On Pos Test: $5,000 (plus GST)
Standing in New Zealand
  Australian Booking Contract New Zealand Booking Contract


King Denny
King Denny

In the Southern Hemisphere Majestic Son is the sire of:

GLENFERRIE TYPHOON t, 1:54.4 - $537,469. At 4, won Ht Aust. Breeders Crown (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Tontine Trotters Series Final (Gr.3). As Aged, won Great Southern Star (Gr.1), Maori Mile (Gr.1) , Melton Trotters Cup (Gr.3), The George Gath (Gr.3), Ht Great Southern Star (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Breeders Crown FFA (Gr.3)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

WINTERFELL t, 1:58.1 - $416,730. At 3, won 3YO Ruby (Gr.1), Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1), NZ Sires Stakes Championship (Gr.2); 2nd NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1). At 4, Harness Jewels (Gr.1); 2nd Summer Trotting FFA (Gr.2); 3rd 4&5YO Trotting Championship (Gr.3). As Aged, won two heats and Final Inter Dominion (Gr.1), National Trot (Gr.1)(Live Or Die) (pedigree)

ONE OVER DA MOON t, 1:55.5 - $368,548. At 2, won Harness Jewels 2yo Ruby (Gr.1), NZ 2yo Trotting Stakes (Gr.3), Ht Aust. Breeders Crown (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, won The Holmfield (Gr.2) , Ht Aust. Breeders Crown. At 4, 3rd 4yo Trotters Championship (Gr.3). As Aged, won Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.3), Bruce Skeggs Memorial Trotters Cup (Gr.3); 3rd National Trot (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

SUNDEES SON 1:58 - $306,073. At 3, 3rd Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1). At 4, won Rowe Cup (Gr.1), Anzac Cup (Gr.1), Harness Jewels (Gr.1); 2nd NZ Trotting Championship (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

KING DENNY t, 1:55.9 - $294,854. At 3, won NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1) , Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 3yo Ruby (Gr.1). At 4, won 4yo Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1), 4 & 5yo Trotters Championship (Gr.3)(Simon Roydon) (pedigree)

ILLAWONG HELIOS (M) t, 1:57.2 - $272,867. At 3, won Victoria Trotters Derby (Gr.1) ; 2nd Victoria Trotters Oaks (Gr.1), Vicbred Final (Gr.1). At 4, won Vicbred Platinum Metropolitan Trot Final (Gr.2), Ht Vicbred (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Central Victorian Trotting Champ. (Gr.3). As Aged, won Kilmore Cup (Gr.3)(Sundon) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC MAN t, 1:55.6 - $252.849. At 2, won NZ Sires' Stakes Trotting Championship (Gr.2). At 3, 2nd Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1), NZ Sires' Stakes Trotting Championship (Gr.2); 3rd NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1). At 4, won Southern Lights Trot (Gr.3); 3rd Rowe Cup (Gr.1), Anzac Cup (Gr.1). As As Aged, won Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.3); 2nd Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), National Trot (Gr.1), Cambridge Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.2)(Holdonmyheart) (pedigree)

IM STATELY t, 2:01.5 - $248,653. At 2, won Ht and Final Australasian Breeders Crown (Gr.1) , Ht and Final Vicbred (Gr.1), Ht and Final Tatlow Stakes (Gr.2), Ht Vicbred; 2nd Redwood Classic (Gr.1), The Lombo. At 4, won Ht & Final Vicbred (Gr.1), Central Victorian Trotting Champ. (Gr.3). (Sundon) (pedigree)

ILLAWONG ARMSTRONG t, 1:58.4 - $216,082. At 2, won Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (Gr.1) , Ht Vicbred (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, 2nd Need For Speed Prince Final (Gr.1), NSW Trotters Derby (Gr.1)), Ht Vicbred (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). At 4, won Aust. Breeders Crown Final (Gr.2)(Sundon) (pedigree)

ENHANCE YOUR CALM t, 1:59.4 - $207,091. At 2, won Harness Jewels (Gr.1),  NZ Sires' Stakes 2YO Trotting Championship (Gr.2). At 3, won Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1); 2nd NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

MOONSHINE LINDA (M) t, 1:59.1 - $205,820. At 2, won Vicbred (Gr.1). At 3, won Vicbred (Gr.1), NSW Oaks (Gr.2); 2nd Breeders Crown (Gr.1); 3rd Vic Oaks (Gr.1). At 4, won Breeders Crown (Gr.2), Ht Vicbred. (Sundon) (pedigree)

KHEIRON t, 1:57.2 - $188,410. At 2, won Breeders Crown Silver (Gr.3); 3rd Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.1). At 3, won Ht Need For Speed Prince (3rd in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Breeders Crown (Gr.1). At 4, won Vicbred (Gr.1), Breeders Crown (Gr.2). As Aged, 2nd The Knight Pistol (Gr.1); 3rd Bruce Skeggs Memorial Cranbourne Trotters Cup (Gr.2)(Great Success) (pedigree)

PRINCE FEARLESS t, 1:55 - $186,882. At 2, won PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales Series Open Trot (L) ; 2nd Harness Jewels (Gr.1), NZ 2yo Trotting St. (Gr.3). At 3, won Hambletonian Cl. (Gr.3); 2nd NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1); 3rd Harness Jewels (Gr.1), PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales Series Open Trot (L). As Aged, won Central Victorian Trotting Championship (L)(Sundon) (pedigree)

THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSON t, 1:59.5 - $177,619. As Aged, 3rd National Trot (Gr.1)(Chiola Hanover) (pedigree)

WAR DAN DESTROYER t, 1:53.8 - $163,127. At 2, 2nd Prel NSW Breeders Challenge (3rd in Final (L)). At 3, 3rd NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.2). At 4, 3rd Breeders Crown (Gr.2). As Aged, won Keystone Del Trotters Cup (Gr.2); 3rd NSW Trotters Mile (Gr.1) (twice). (S J's Photo) (pedigree)

EYRE I COME t, 1:57.3 - $162,788. As Aged, won NZ Trotting Championship (Gr.1); 3rd ANZAC Cup (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC ESS JAY 1:58.4 - $162,843. As Aged, won Maryborough Trotters Cup (Gr.3)(S J's Photo) (pedigree)

STRESS FACTOR t, 1:59.4 - $149,507. At 3, won Vic Trotters Derby (Gr.1), Breeders Crown (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

DAENERYS TARGARYEN (M) t, 1:58.2 - $143,723. At 2, won Redwood Classic (Gr.1) , NZ 2yo Sires Stakes Trotting Champ. (Gr.2); 2nd NZ 2yo Trotting Stakes (Gr.3). At 3, 3rd The Holmfield (Gr.2). At 4, 3rd Australasian Breeders Crown (Gr.2). (Chiola Hanover) (pedigree)

MY VALERIE (M) t, 1:54.8 - $132,655. At 2, won 3 Hts and Final HRNSW 2yo Foundation Trot. As Aged, won Darrell Alexander Memorial Trotting Championship Final (Gr.1) (Pine Chip) (pedigree)

HEAVENLY SISTER (M) t, 1:56.5 - $129,745. As Aged, won R C Freestone Trotters Cup (Gr.3), Lenin Trotters FFA (Gr.3), Ht Breed For Speed (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Like A Prayer) (pedigree)


MAJESTIC PLAYER t, 1:58.5 - $126,035. At 4, won Breeders Crown (Gr.2), Ht Vicbred (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Dr Donerail) (pedigree)

ANYWHERE HUGO t, 1:57.8 - $123,950. At 3, won Vicbred (Gr.1), The Holmfield (Gr.2); 2nd Breeders Crown (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

BALMORAL BOY t, 1:56.4 - $123,574. (Chiola Cola) (pedigree)

BELLES SON t, 2:02.9 - $119,290. At 4, won Sires Stakes Aged Trotters Classic (L)(Sundon) (Pedigree)

MAJESTIC ALI (M) 2:03.8 - $117,054. As Aged, won Northern Breeders Stakes (Gr.3); 3rd Northern Breeders Stakes (Gr.3)(Sundon) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC COURTNEY 1:54.8 - $113,668. At 4, won Qld Trotters Cup (Gr.1)(Armbro Invasion) (pedigree)

OUR SHOW GAIT (M) t, 1:59.7 - $109,705. At 3, won Breeders Crown (Gr.1), PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales Trotters Final (L)(Sierra Kosmos) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC ONE (M) t, 2:02.7 - $109,239. (Straphanger) (pedigree)

KRATOS t, 1:59.4 - $108,254. At 3, won Breeders Crown (Gr.1); 2nd PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales Final (L)(Evander's Gold) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC TIME (M) t, 1:58.6 - $105,823. At 2, 2nd Harness Jewels 2yo Ruby (Gr.1). At 3, won NZ Trotting Oaks (Gr.3) , Hambletonian Cl. (Gr.3); 2nd NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

PRETTY MAJESTIC (M) t, 2:00.5 - $103,140. At 3, won Vic Oaks (Gr.1); 2nd Vicbred (Gr.1); 3rd NSW Oaks (Gr.2)(Pegasus Spur) (pedigree)

VALLORIA t, 1:58.2 - $102,438. At 3, won Hambletonian Classic (Gr.3). At 4, won NZ Sires Stakes Aged Classic (L)(Dream Vacation) (pedigree)

REGAL PEPPERELL (M) t, 1:58.9 - $97,433. As Aged, won Kilmore Trotters Cup (Gr.3)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

Andyou (M) 2:00.7 - $93,585. At 3, 3rd Vicbred Final (Gr.1). At 4, 2nd Breeders Crown Championship (Gr.2)(S J's Photo) (pedigree)

REGAL PETITE (M) t, 2:00.5 - $92,541. As Aged, won Northern Trotting Breeders Stakes (Gr.3)(Sundon) (pedigree)

WANNA PLAY (M) t, 1:58.9 - $91,191. At 2, won NZ Sires Stakes Trot 2yo Championship (Gr.2), Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. (Gee Whiz II) (pedigree)

SASSY PANTS (M) t, 1:55.6 - $89,310. At 4, won 4yo Foundation Trotters Final (Gr.3), Bulli Trotters Ccup (Gr.3). As Aged, won La Coocaracha (Gr.2)(Armbro Invasion) (pedigree)

CYCLONE LUCKY SEVEN t, 1:56.3 - $89,068. As Aged, won International All Stars Series (Gr.3). (Safely Kept) (pedigree)

ROYAL CHARLOTTE (M) t, 2:00.8 - $87,095. At 3, won Vic Oaks (Gr.1), NSW Oaks (Gr.2), Ht Vicbred (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). (Sundon) (pedigree)

MELPARK ROYAL SON t, 1:59.3 - $78,714. As Aged, won Darrell Alexander Memorial Trotting Championship Final (Gr.3)(RC's Dee Jay) (pedigree)

CYCLONE JETER (M) t, 1:58.4 - $74,874. As Aged, won Lightfoot Laurels (Gr.3), Chris Howe Trotters  FFA (Gr.3)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC GRACE (M) t, 1:57.3 - $73,725.  (Yentls Image) (pedigree)

HOT PANTS (M) t, 1:59.6 - $67,829. At 3, 3rd NZ Trotting Oaks (Gr.3)(Continentalman) (pedigree)

ALPHA MALE t, 1:56.9 - $64,800. At 3, won Need For Speed Prince Final (Gr.1), Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.1)(Sundon) (pedigree)

MORETON BAY t, 2:00.4 - $60,540. At 2, won Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (Gr.1), 2nd Breeders Crown Final (Gr.1)(Mister Big) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC MOVES (M) t, 2:01.6 - $60,264. At 4, won Vicbred Silver (Gr.3)(Maori's Idol) (pedigree)

KYVALLEY TINMAN t, 1:57.1 - $59,998. At 2, won Tatlow Stakes (Gr.2)(Muscles Yankee) (pedigree)

MAJESTUOSO t, 1:59.1 - $51,340. At 3, won The Holmfield (Gr.2)(Monarchcy) (pedigree)

DELLSUN t, 2:03 - $51,235. At 4, won Vicbred Silver (Gr.3)(Malhana Gindin) (pedigree)

FREMARKSPOETRY (M) t, 1:56.8 - $47,730. At 3, won Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.1)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

CALIGULA t, 1:57.2 - $43,793. At 3, won 3yo Trotters Foundation Series Final (Gr.3)(Live Or Die) (pedigree)

SCRUFFY DOOLAN t, 2:04.2 - $38,710. At 2, won Vicbred Silver (Gr.3)(Kadabra) (pedigree)

ROYAL TREAT (M) t, 2:03.2 - $38,075. At 2, won Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.1)(CR Commando) (pedigree)

ALL UNDER CONTROL (M) t, 2:01.7 - $37,000. At 3, won Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.1)(Melvin's Strike) (pedigree)

WELL DEFINED t, 2:02.5 - $36,368. At 4, won Tontine Trotting Championship (Gr.3)(S J's Photo) (pedigree)

ALDEBARAN WILLO t, 2:03.3 - $23,000. At 4, won Central Vic Championship (Gr.3)(Sundon) (pedigree)

LORD CHANCELLOR t, 2:03.8 - $16,125. At 2, won Vicbred Silver (Gr.3)(Torado Hanover) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 13 5 4 1 $527,886 1:55.8
3 19 14 0 2 $1,353,896 1:52.4
4 6 3 1 0 $111,375 1:53
Total 38 22 5 3 $1,993,157  
At 2 Won ONSS Super Final, ONSS Gold Final, Champlain Div; 2nd Valley Victory Final.
At 3 Set Canadian Record on Half mile track. Won Elim and Final Breeders Crown, Canadian Trotting Classic Final, Goodtimes Final, Elim and Final Canadian Breeders, ONSS Gold Final (thrice).
At 4 Set Canadian Record on 5/8 mile track. Won Elim and Final Frank Ryan Memorial.
Angus Hall
Garland Lobell
Abc Freight
Noble Victory
Victory Song
Emily's Pride
A C's Princess
Dear Rodney
Gamin Lobell
Speedy Scot
Missile Toe
Genya Hanover
Gleeful Hanover
Amour Angus
Magna Force
Florida Pro
Arnie Almahurst
Kenwood Scamper
Super Bowl
Lindy's Speedy Lady
Speedy Count
Brendina Hanover
Celtic Contessa
King Conch
Speedy Scot
Scotch Love
Missile Toe
Worth A Plenty
Exciting Speed
Vikings Venus
Carmita Hanover
Face To Face
Speedy Scot
Missile Toe
Lets Face It
Frosty Face
Terrys Girl Penny
Penn Hanover
Tar Heel
Pensive Claire
Terry Ann
Greentree Adios
Miss St Patrick

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While Angus Hall and his two brothers have taken the North American trotting scene by storm there has been little of their blood downunder until now.

This is an advantage for Majestic Son as he is open to breed to a variety of mares.

There are of course a lot of Sundon mares in the Southern Hemisphere and Majestic Son is crossing extremely well with Sundon mares including the Group winners Im Stately, One Over Da Moon and Illawong Helios, so this is a cross that is working.

Majestic Son’s sire Angus Hall has crossed well with Valley Victory line mares with the best being Laddie who won over $1 million. Valley Victory line stallions include Muscles Yankee, Dr Ronerail and Holdonmyheart.

This is now also evident in Majestic Son's progeny with his three highest earners in Canada, Charmed Life, Harper Blue Chip and Murmur Hanover being out of Valley Victory line mares.

We expect that Majestic Son will also be successful with daughters of Balanced Image line mares downunder. We have already seen it working in Canada with Summer Indian and Circles, being out of Balanced Image mares.

Balanced Image and Majestic Son share few common ancestors so the resultant foal should have an outcross type pedigree. The main sources of Balanced Image downunder include Earl, Monarchy, Brylin Boyz and Yankee Paco.

Another of Angus Hall’s better crosses has been with Malabar Man line mares. Horese bred on this cross include Somebody To Love 1:56 - $567,478 and Caught My Eye 1:56.8 - $517,434 . Malabar Man stallions include Continentalman and Malabar Maple.

Majestic Son's leading female performer downunder, Daenerys Targaryen, is out of a Chiola Hanover mare so that is another cross that appears to be working.