Mach Three

1:49 - $2,376,700. Bay Horse foaled 1999. 15.2 Hands

From his very first crop, Mach Three showed he is an exceptional sire with the ability to sire superior performers.

In his career, Mach Three sired multiple Grand Circuit winners, Derby and Oaks winners, Breeders Crown winners, Harness Jewels winners, Sales Classic winners and just about any other race you care to mention!

It is also rare to find a stallion that sired absolute champions in both hemispheres.

In 2017 he was elected to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

He will be sorely missed.

For A Reason
Auckland Reactor

In the Southern Hemisphere Mach Three is the sire of 688 winners of over $49,075,674, 125 $100,000 earners incl:

AUCKLAND REACTOR 1:51.4 - $1,837,043. At 3, won NZ Derby (Gr.1), NZ SS Final (Gr.1), 3yo Flying St. (Gr.2). At 4, won Auckland Cup (Gr.1), NZ FFA (Gr.1) , Taylor Mile (Gr.1), NZ Messenger (Gr.1), Harness Jewels (Gr.1), Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.3). As Aged, won 3 Hts Inter Dominion (Gr.2), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2); 2nd A G Hunter Cup (Gr.1). (Sokys Atom) (pedigree)

MYSTA MAGICAL MACH 1:52.2 - $1,261,371. At 4, won WA Pacing Cup (Gr.1). As Aged, won Village Kid Sprint (Gr.2) , Lord Mayors Cup (Gr.3) (twice); 2nd Inter Dominion (Gr.1), WA Pacing Cup (Gr.1), Aust Pacing Champ. (Gr.1). (Camtastic) (pedigree)

MAH SISH 1:49.4 - $1,067,197. As Aged, won Hunter Cup (Gr.1) , Ballarat Cup (Gr.1); 2nd Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), Victoria Cup (Gr.1), Bendigo Cup (Gr.2), Central Otago Trotting Cup (Gr.3). (New York Motoring) (pedigree)

CAPTAIN JOY 1:51.6 - $1,004,771. At 2, won Aust. Breeders Cr. (Gr.1), NSW Breeders Ch. (Gr.1). At 3, won Vic Derby (Gr.1), NSW Derby (Gr.1), Qld Derby (Gr.1), NSW Breeders Ch. (Gr.1). At 4, won Qld 4&5yo Champ. (Gr.3). As Aged, won Golden Mile (Gr.3) . (Talk About Class) (pedigree)

RUSSLEY RASCAL 1:52 - $833,309. At 3, won Northern Derby (Gr.1) ; 3rd NZ Derby (Gr.1), Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1). At 4, won Franklin Cup (Gr.2). As Aged, won JP Stratton Cup (Gr.3). (Road Machine) (pedigree)

MACRAIDER 1:48.8 - $819,086. At 3, 2nd WA Derby (Gr.1). (Talk About Class) (pedigree)

VENUS SERENA (M) 1:52.1 - $787,544. At 2, won Harness Jewels Diamond (Gr.1) , NZ SS Champ. (Gr.1), Caduceus Club Cl. (Gr.1); NZ Yearling Sale Series(L). At 3, won Northern Oaks (Gr.1), Harness Jewels Diamond (Gr.1), Nevele R Series (Gr.1), Ladyship St. (Gr.2), NZ Yearling Sale Series (L). At 4, won NZ Breeders Stakes (Gr.1), Cambridge Futurity Stakes (Gr.2). (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

MAJESTIC MACH 1:54.7 - $782,813. At 2, won APG  Final (Gr.1) , Nursery Pace (Gr.1), RQIS Final (Gr.1). At 3, QLD Derby (Gr.1), QBred Triad Final (Gr.2), Nursery Pace (Gr.2), Gold Coast Derby (Gr.3); 2nd NSW Derby. (Gr.1)). As Aged, won Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.2). (Fake Left) (pedigree)

FLY LIKE AN EAGLE 1:54.6 - $699,419. At 2, won Harness Jewels (Gr.1) , Young Guns Cardigan Bay St. (Gr.1); 3rd Vicbred Final (Gr.1). At 3, won NZ Derby (Gr.1), Aust. Breeders Crown (Gr.1). At 4, won Methven Cup (Gr.3). (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

SIR LINCOLN 1:54 - $663,601. At 3, won NZ SS Final (Gr.1) , Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1); 2nd Vic Derby (Gr.1). As Aged, won Auckland Cup (Gr.1), City Of Auckland FFA (Gr.2), Summer Cup (Gr.3). (Beach Towel) (pedigree)


DEVIL DODGER 1:50.8- $632,456. At 2, won Ht Young Gun Series. At 3, won Ht and Final Aust. Breeders Crown (Gr.1); 2nd Harness Jewels 3yo Emerald (Gr.1); 3rd Ht and Final Northern Derby (Gr.1). At 4, won Kumeu Stakes (Gr.3). As Aged, won Les Chant Cup (Gr.3), Lord Mayors Cup (L), The Flashing Red Handicap (L); 2nd Be Good Johnny Sprint (Gr.3); 3rd Christmas Cup (L)(Live Or Die) (pedigree)

FIERY FALCON 1:54.6 - $588,106. At 2, won Ht and Final NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1); 2nd NZ Welcome Stakes (Gr.1), Sapling Stakes (Gr.3), Harness Jewels Emerald (L). At 3, won Ht and Final Northern Derby (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 3yo Emerald (L), Ht Southern Supremacy Stakes (2nd in Final (Gr.2)); 2nd NZ Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1), 3yo Northern Stakes (L); 3rd NZ Derby (Gr.1), Elsu Classic (Gr.2), 3yo Flying Stakes (Gr.2). At 4, 2nd 4yo Championship (Gr.2)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

JOYFULJOY (M) 1:51.6 - $480,442. At 2, 3rd Caduceus Club Fillies Classic (L). At 3, won Ht and Final NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 3yo Diamond (Gr.1), 2 Hts Nevele R Series; 2nd Northern Oaks (Gr.1). At 4, 2nd 4yo Classic (Gr.2); 3rd Northern Breeders Stakes (Gr.3)(Road Machine) (pedigree)

MACH ALERT 1:50.9 - $426,086. At 3, won Qld Derby (Gr.1), ht and Final Premiers Cup (Gr.2). As Aged, won Coca-Cola Amatil Sprint (Gr.1); 2nd Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.2), Goulburn Cup (Gr.3), Casey Classic (L); 3rd Len Smith Mile (Gr.1), Ballarat Cup (Gr.1), Kilmore Cup Final (Gr.2)(Fake Left) (pedigree)

MACH BEAUTY 1:50.9 - $417,570. At 4, won NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.1)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

MUSTANG MACH 1:53.2 - $406,885. At 3, won ht and Semi Final Australasian Breeders Crown; 2nd Ht NSW Derby. At 4, won NZ Messenger (Gr.1), Mcinerney Ford 4yo Classic (Gr.1), Ht Australasian Breeders Crown (3rd in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd Gold Nugget Championship (Gr.1), Melton Plate (Gr.2). As Aged, won Yarra Valley Cup (L)(Live Or Die) (pedigree)

THREE OVER THREE 1:53.8 - $359,485. At 2, won Australasian Breeders Crown Final (Gr.1)(Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

SUPERSONIC MISS (M) 1:52.6 - $346,452. At 2, won Harness Jewels (Gr.1). At 3, won NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.1)(Village Jasper) (pedigree)

MILLWOOD MEG (M) 1:53.5 - $336,795. At 3, won WA Oaks (Gr.1), Qld Oaks (Gr.1)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

CHARLIE MACHSHEEN 1:53.6 - $271,785. At 2, won Vicbred Final (Gr.1)(Live Or Die) (pedigree)

KOTARE MACH 1:53.1 - $268,138. At 2, won NZ Welcome Stakes (Gr.1)(Butler B G) (pedigree)

SHAKE IT MAMA (M) 1:54.7 - $257,588. At 2, woin Bathurst Gold Crown (Gr.1). At 3, won Australian Oaks (Gr.1)(Muckalee Strike) (pedigree)

ROSA MACH (M) 1:56.2 - $239,588. At 2, won Australian Pacing Gold Final (Gr.1)(Fake Left) (pedigree)

MUSCLE BEACH (M) 1:56.6 - $200,820. At 2, won Australasian Breeders Crown Final (Gr.1)(Beach Towel) (pedigree)

SPRINTER 1:54 - $195,840. At 2, won WA Golden Slipper (Gr.1)(Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

MACH AND ME (M) 1:58.4 - $159,885. At 2, won Australian Pacing Gold Final (Gr.1)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

GET IN THE GROOVE (M) 1:54.9 - $148,201. At 3, won QBred Triad Final (Gr.1)(P B Bullville) (pedigree)

FLOJOS GOLD (M) 1:59 - $106,782. At 2, won Vicbred Final (Gr.1)(Village Jasper) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 9 7 2 0 $954,708 1:51.2
3 18 11 2 2 $1,421,992 1:49
Total 27 18 4 2 $2,376,700  
At 2

Won elim and Final Metro Pace, Champlain S., Nassagaweya S., elim Breeders Crown (2nd in Final)

At 3 Won Elim & Final Meadowlands Pace, elim North American Cup (2nd in Final), elim Little Brown Jug, elim Confederation Cup; 2nd elim Breeders Crown.
Matt's Scooter
Direct Scooter
Sampson Direct
Sampson Hanover
Irene Hanover
Dottie Rosecroft
Billy Direct
Beams Hanover
Noble Claire
Noble Victory
Victory Song
Emily's Pride
Scotch Claire
Abbey Claire
Ellens Glory
Dale Frost
Hal Dale
Countess Vivian
King's Counsel
Filly Direct
Gloria Barmin
Greentree Adios
Martha Lee
Adept Hanover
Arbutus Hanover
All Included
Silent Majority
Henry T Adios
Greer Hanover
Hobby Horse Tar
Duane Hanover
Knight Dream
Dorsh Hanover
Princess Best
The Widower
Princess Chief
Debra Ann Hanover
Most Happy Fella
Dale Frost
Countess Vivian
Laughing Girl
Good Time
Maxine's Dream
Darling Almahurst
Bret Hanover
Brenna Hanover
Darling Wave
Shadow Wave
Diana Streak

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Very much a proven stallion, we can look at Mach Three's progeny to see what patterns are emerging.

One of the best crosses for Mach Three, both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere has been the Mach Three / Beach Towel cross. Horses such as Somebeachsomewhere, Sir Lincoln and Muscle Beach are all bred this way.

Like most Direct Scooter line stallions Mach Three has crossed extremely well with Falcon Seelster mares leaving such horses as Fiery Falcon, Millwood Meg and Fly Like An Eagle.

So any Falcon Seelster or Falcon Seelster line mares (such as McArdle, Elsu, Million To One, Ultimate Falcon, etc) could be well suited for Mach Three.

In terms of the amount of $100,000 earners produced, Alabatross line mares are achieving the best results with Mach Three. These $100,000 earners include Auckland Reactor (Sokys Atom), Captain Joy (Talk About Class), Kotare Mach (Butler BG), Hes My Hero (Vance Hanover), Three Over Three (Holmes Hanover), The Big Mach (Our Sir Vancelot), etc.

No Nukes line mares have also achieved very good results with Mach Three. Live Or Die, Badlands Hanover, Caprock and Northern Lights mares have all left $100,000 earners by Mach Three.

Mach Three over Cam Fella line mares has been a cross that has really started to achieve great results. Horses such as Mysta Magical Mach (Camtastic), Majestic Mach (Fake Left), Rosa Mach (Fake Left), Mach Alert (Fake Left) and star Canadian female Monkey On My Wheel (Presidential Ball) are all by Mach Three out of Cam Fella line mares.

Interestingly Mach Three has left some very good horses out of Road Machine mares from a limited amount of foals. Such horses include Russley Rascal, Joyfuljoy and the $100,000 earner Red Army.

Also other Most Happy Fella line mares have produced good results with Mach Three leaving Mah Sish (New York Motoring), Scotty Mach (Bo Scots Blue Chip), etc.

Also many of Mach Three's better performers also contain Tar Heel prominently in their maternal pedigree. So look for that to keep occurring.