1:47.4 - $2,441,164. Bay Horse foaled 2009. 16 Hands

One of the very best sons of Rocknroll Hanvoer – this $2.4 million earner won at the highest level from two to four.

He was the richest two year old of the year and also equalled the World Record at that age.

As a three year old he not only won the Meadowlands Pace but also the $500,000 Battle of Brandywine - in identical times of 1:48.2.

As a four-year-old he was a monster, setting world records on both five eighths (1:47.8) and half mile tracks (1:49.2). He became the first horse to win in sub 1:48 in three consecutive starts.

Sire of the $816,000 Metro Pace and Governors Cup winner Lost In Time from his debut crop!

  • Multiple World Champion and Meadowlands Pace winner.
  • First horse ever to record multiple sub-1:50 wins as a two-year-old.
  • Bred in the purple, his dam is a half sister to the champion sire Western Hanover.
  • Leading First Season Sire in North America.


AUS Pay On Pos Test: Book Full
NZ Pay On Pos Test: Book Full
Standing in New Zealand at Nevele R Stud
  Australian Contract New Zealand Contract


In the Southern Hemisphere A Rocknroll Dance's oldest progeny are two year olds in 2017/18.

In the Northern Hemisphere A Rocknroll Dance's oldest progeny are two year olds in 2017. To date he is the sire of:

LOST IN TIME 1:50.2 - $687,432. At 2, won Metro Pace, Governor's Cup, div International Stallion Stakes, elim Breeders Crown; 2nd elim Metro, div KYSS. (Artiscape) (pedigree)

BAND STAND (M) 1:51.8 - $192,495. At 2, won div KYSS (three times) and Final; 2nd div div International Stallion Stakes. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

GRAND TETON 1:51.8 - $159,392. At 2, won div The Stallion Series (twice), div Kindergarten, div KYSS (twice); 2nd final KYSS, div KYSS, div Bluegrass. (Western Hanover) (pedigree)

SCUOLA HANOVER (M) 1:53.8 - $118,820. At 2, won div PASS (2nd in Final); 2nd div PASS; 3rd div PASS. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

ALDINE HANOVER (M) 1:52.2 - $81,582. At 2, won div Kindergarten Stakes; 2nd div Kindergarten Stakes; 3rd div and Final Kindergarten Stakes. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

CUTS LIKE A KNIFE (M) 1:53 - $79,423. At 2, won div PASS (twice); 3rd div PA All Stars, div Bluegrass. (Somebeachsomewhere) (pedigree)

SIDEWALK DANCER (M) 1:52.6 - $59,560. At 2, won div and Final The Stallion Series. (Life Sign) (pedigree)

INSTRUCTOR 1:55.6 - $47,698. At 2, won div The Standardbred; 2nd div PA All Stars. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

YANKEE WILL DANCE (M) 1:53.8 - $42,955. At 2, 2nd div PA All Stars, div PASS; 3rd div PASS, div Arden. (Allamerican Native) (pedigree)

ANTAGONIST 1:54.8 - $32,314. At 2, 2nd div Arden Stakes, div The Stallion Series; 3rd div The Stallion Series. (Cole Muffler) (pedigree)

LEGENDARY RON 2:01.8 - $24,548. At 2, won div PASS (twice). (Western Terror) (pedigree)

CASEY HANOVER 1:54.6 - $22,360. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

WHATSTROUBLNUROCKY 1:53.4 - $21,029. At 2, won div Arden Stakes. (The Panderosa) (pedigree)

ROCK N JO Z 1:54.2 - $18,150. At 2, 2nd div The Standardbred. (The Panderosa) (pedigree)

ART DANCER 1:53.8 - $6,000. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 11 7 3 0 $858,961 1:49.2
3 22 4 5 3 $1,067,191 1:48.2
4 17 6 2 1 $515,012 1:47.4
Total 50 17 10 4 $2,441,164  
At 2

Won elim and Final Governors Cup, The Elevation, Bluegrass Stakes, International Stallion Stakes, elim Metro Pace (2nd in Final), elim Breeders Crown (2nd in Final), Arden Downs Stakes.

At 3

Won Meadowlands Pace Final, Battle Of Brandyine Final, Max Hempt Memorial Final, leg New Jersey Sires Stakes (2nd in Final); 2nd in elim and Final Adios, Simcoe Stakes; 3rd Windy City Pace Final, elim Little Brown Jug.

At 4

Won elim and Final Canadian Pacing Derby, Battle Of Lake Erie, elim Allerage Farm Pace; 2nd in Winbak Farm Pace.


Rocknroll Hanover
Western Ideal
Western Hanover
No Nukes
Oil Burner
Dottie Shadow
Wendy Sue Hanover
Leah Almahurst
Silent Majority
Liberated Angel
Angel Hair
Rich N Elegant
Direct Scooter
Sampson Direct
Sampson Hanover
Dottie Rosecroft
Noble Claire
Noble Victory
Scotch Claire
Proven Perfect
Silent Majority
Shifting Sands
Shadow Wave
Golden Miss
Wichita Hanover
Cam's Card Shark
Cam Fella
Most Happy Fella
Laughing Girl
Nan Cam
Bret Hanover
Nan Frost
Jef's Magic Trick
B G's Bunny
Brets Romance
Meadow Trick
Meadow Maine
Dale Frost
Countess Vivian
Voodoo Hanover
Dancer Hanover
Vibrant Hanover
Wendy Sue Hanover
Best Of All
Good Time
Besta Hanover
Wendy Hanover
Bullet Hanover

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A Rocknroll Dance is beautifully bred being by Rocknroll Hanover out of a Cam’s Card Shark half sister to the champion sire Western Hanover.

He possesses the No Nukes and Cam Fella sirelines through Rocknroll Hanover and Cam’s Card Shark, and also a duplication of the mare Wendymae Hanover – which opens up a lot of possibilities for him as a sire.

One of the best crosses for Rocknroll Hanover was Artsplace and Artsplace line stallions and we see no reason why this should not also be the case for A Rocknroll Dance as well.

In Australia and New Zealand such Artsplace line stallions include Art Major, Grinfromeartoear, Sportswriter, Artiscape, Modern Art, Dream Away, Perfect Art, Astreos, Fully Loaded, Peace Of Art, etc.

A mating with a Modern Art mare would be very interesting as Wendymae Hanover is not only A Rocknroll Dance’s second dam but also Modern Art’s.

In fact A Rocknroll Dance should suit most  Abercrombie line mares. This includes mares by Real Desire, Albert Albert, Life Sign, Pacific Rocket, Panorama, etc.

Another great cross for Rocknroll Hanover has been Cam Fella line mares. Examples include A Rocknroll Dance himself, I Luv The Nitelife, Simply Business, Tobago Clays, Valentino, etc.

Now any mating of a Cam Fella line mare with A Rocknroll Dance will reinforce this cross as well as possibly resulting in a reverse sex cross to Cam Fella or Cam’s Card Shark. Reverse sex crosses have worked really for many stallions.

Potential Cam Fella line stallions include Bettor’s Delight, Fake Left, Armbro Operative, Presidential Ball, Precious Bunny, Pacific Fella, Camtastic, Cameleon, Brioso Hanover, Exotic Earl, etc.

Of note for owners of a smaller Bettors Delight's mare, A Rocknroll Dance is a potentially a good physical match up as he is a big, strong stallion.

Direct Scooter line mares also look to be a very good option for A Rocknroll Dance. Horses such as Shes A Runa (Jeremes Jet / Christian Cullen) and Besotted (American Ideal / In The Pocket) are Southern Hemisphere examples of the Western Hanover / Direct Scooter cross.

What’s more, A Rocknroll Dance presents Direct Scooter in his pedigree via Rich N Elegant (the dam of Rocknroll Hanover) so when crossed with a mare by a Direct Scooter line stallion the resulting foal will carry an attractive  reverse sex cross to Direct Scooter.

Examples of Direct Scooter line stallions include In The Pocket, Christian Cullen, Courage Under Fire, Mach Three, Tinted Cloud, Julius Caesar etc.

Traditionally Albatross line mares have crossed well with Western Hanover line stallions and bearing that in mind mares by such stallions as Soky's Atom, Vance Hanover, Holmes Hanover, Butler BG, Vance Hanover, Talk About Class, Tompkins Hanover, etc, could all be well suited to A Rocknroll Dance.

In recent times the doubling up of No Nukes has become more prevalent. Both Western Ideal and American Ideal have both left very good horses out of No Nukes line mares.

Examples of  No Nukes line stallions include Live Or Die, Badlands Hanover, Safely Kept, Village Jasper, Caprock, Ticket To Heaven, Barnett Hanover, Western Terror, Union Guy, Kinney Hanover, Northern Lights, etc.

Mares by sons of Western Hanover will present a foal with a 4x3 cross to Western Hanover when crossed with A Rocknroll Dance. This is not too close and will also present the intriguing triple strain of the outstanding mare Wendymae Hanover.

Falcon Seelster mares are terrific broodmares and cross with a variety of different sirelines including the Western Ideal line, eg Ideal Scott (American Ideal / Falcon Seelster) and Dawn Ofa New Day (Western Ideal / Falcon Seelster).