1:48.6 - $1,566,460. Bay Horse foaled 2007. 15.3 Hands

Sportswriter was an outstanding racehorse winning seven of his eight starts as a two year old, including the $1 million Metro Pace.

This stellar season saw him awarded Two Year Old of the Year in both America and Canada.

He returned as a three year old to win the $1.5 million North America Cup.

As a stallion he has made an immediate impact. His debut Southern Hemisphere crop saw him become Australia's leading two year old sire (by winners) and includes multiple stakes winners.

His impact has been no less in the Northern Hemisphere where in 2015 he was the leading Ontario Sires Stakes Pacing Stallion.

  • 2009 USA  & Canadian 2YO Pacing Colt of the Year. North America Cup winner at three.
  • 2015 and 2017 Leading Ontario Sires Stakes Pacing Stallion.
  • The sire of the unbeaten Group 1 star and now Australian Two Year Old Pacing Colt / Gelding of the Year - Lumineer.
  • Sire of three Group 1 winning two year olds in 2016/17.


AUS Pay On Pos Test: $4,400 (incl GST)
NZ Pay On Pos Test: $4,000 (plus GST)
Standing in Australia
  Australian Booking Contract New Zealand Booking Contract


Niki No No
Niki No No

Sportswriter's oldest progeny in the Southern Hemisphere are 4yo's in 2015/16. To date he is the sire of:

OUR UNCLE SAM 1:52.3 - $608,925. At 2, won Vicbred Silver (L). At 4, 2nd Paleface Adios Stakes (Gr.3). As Aged, won Bohemia Crystal (Gr.1), Platinum Projex FFA (Gr.1); 2nd Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), Hunter Cup (Gr.1), Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.3), Kevin Robinson FFA (Gr.3)(Village Jasper) (pedigree)

SPORTY SPOOK 1:51.6 - $388,739. At 2, won Ht Bathurst Gold Crown (3rd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht NSW Breeders Challenge (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, 3rd Ht and Final NSW Derby (Gr.1)(Village Jasper) (pedigree)

MITCH MAGUIRE 1:54.3 - $327,204. At 2, won WA Golden Slipper (Gr.1) ; 3rd Ht NZ Sires Stakes. At 3, won Western Gateway (Gr.2). At 4, 2nd Schrader Final (L). As Aged, 3rd RWWA Cup (Gr.2)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

NIKI NO NO (M) 1:57.5 - $294,455. At 2, won Semi and Final Vicbred (Gr.1), Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. At 3, won Vic Oaks (Gr.1) , Ht Vicbred (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 4, won Vicbred Platinum Pace (Gr.3)(Vintner) (pedigree)

SHEZALLAPPLES (M) 1:51.6 - $298,905. At 2, won NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.1), Ready To Run Sales Stakes (Gr.3). At 3, won Ht NSW Breeders Challenge (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). (Fake Left) (pedigree)

EGODAN 1:51.3 - $290,421. At 3, won Repechage Australasian Breeders Crown. At 4, 2nd NSW Breeders Challenge Final (Gr.1); 3rd Mount Eden 4yo Stakes (Gr.3)(Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

LUMINEER 1:52.5 - $258,440. At 2, won Ht, Semi and Final APG (Gr.1) . At 3, won Ht Vic Derby. (Rocknroll Hanover) (pedigree)

WHITTAKER 1:50 - $196,067. At 4, won Paleface Adios Stakes (Gr.3)(Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

STAR WRITER 1:51.1 - $195,020. At 4 won Ht and Final Country Series (L)(Jennas Beach Boy) (pedigree)

MISTER BRAZIL 1:52.2 - $194,080. At 2, 2nd Semi Final APG (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, 2nd Simpson Memorial (Gr.3). (Mach Three) (pedigree)

TANGOINGWITHSIERRA (M) 1:53.1 - $174,130. At 2, won Tatlow Stakes (Gr.2); 3rd Vicbred (Gr.1). At 3, won Gold Chalice (Gr.3), Ht NSW Oaks (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Ht Vic Oaks. (Village Jasper) (pedigree)

WESLEY 1:55.2 - $163,186. At 2, won Champagne Classic (Gr.2) , Ht Pearl Classic (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

READ ABOUT LEXY (M) 1:53.5 - $153,718. At 2, won Ht NSW Breeders Challenge; 3rd Tatlow Stakes (Gr.2). At 3, won Raith Memorial (Gr.3) , Ht and Final Bathurst Gold Bracelet (Gr.3), Ht Vic Oaks. (Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

JODAN 1:52.9 - $147,129. (Albert Albert) (pedigree)

STEFSBEST 1:54.8 - $143,511. At 2, won Ht APG (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd Vicbred Silver (L). At 4, won prel Golden Nugget. (Cams Card Shark) (pedigree)

PINUP BOY 1:52.9 - $136,290. At 2, won APG Brisbane Final (Gr.1). At 3, 2nd QBred Triad (Gr.2)(Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

JAKES SPORTSWRITER 1:53.2 - $127,040. (The Panderosa) (pedigree)

GASMONKEY 1:53.3 - $125,611. (Armbro Aussie) (pedigree)

SPORTS PACKAGE (M) 1:56.9 - $125,407. At 3, won WA Oaks (Gr.1)(Northern Luck) (pedigree)

CIMORENE (M) 1:55.9 - $117,041. At 2, won Ht and Final Diamond Classic (Gr.1). At 3, won WA Country Derby (Gr.3)(Northern Luck) (pedigree)

CEE CEE ARMBRO (M) 1:53.3 - $115,440. At 2, won Ht and Semi Final NSW Breeders Chalenge (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2)(Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

SMOOTH SAILOR 1:52.3 - $112,424. (Brioso Hanover) (pedigree)

CRIME WRITER 1:56.1 - $112,240. At 3, 2nd VHRSC Vic Sires Classic (Gr.3). (Western Terror) (pedigree)

THE HARLEM HAMMER (M) 1:55.3 - $112,074. At 2, won Ht Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic. (Northern Luck) (pedigree)

WRITE ABOUT LEXY (M) 1:55.9 - $111,587. At 2, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2). At 3, 3rd NSW Oaks (Gr.1)(Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

KINGOFTHESTARS 1:55.9 - $111,279. At 2, won Ht APG (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, 2nd Ht Vic Derby, Ht NSW Derby. (Safely Kept) (pedigree)

SHES SPORTY (M) 1:54.6 - $110,352. At 2, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2)(Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

MANNING 1:57.2 - $107,879. At 2, won Ht and Final WA Pearl (Gr.1), Ht WA Sales Classic (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Northern Lights) (pedigree)

SPORTS CHATON 1:52.4 - $102,599. At 2, Breeders Plate Final (L). At 3, Gold Chalice Final (Gr.3)(Guida) (pedigree)

MARETTI 1:52.4 - $102,384. (Washington VC) (pedigree)

JASMIN AMAL (M) 1:55 - $101,511. At 2, won Ht WA Diamond Classic (3rd in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd Westbred Final (Gr.1)(Classic Garry) (pedigree)

SPIRITWRITER 1:53.1 - $93,135. At 4, won Vicbred Silver (L)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

WABI SABI 1:56.8 - $99,326. (No Nukes) (pedigree)

TENNIELE ERIN (M) 1:55.1 - $88,180. At 2, won WA Sales Classic (Gr.1) (Walton Hanover) (pedigree)

BRIGHTY VALENTINE (M) 1:54.8 - $87,170. At 4, 2nd Ht Vicbred; 3rd Semi Final Vicbred. (Village Jasper) (pedigree)

SPORT REPORT (M) 1:56.8 - $82,845. At 2, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue (Gr.2) . At 3, 3rd Raith Memorial (Gr.3)(Stature) (pedigree)

PERFECTLY WRITTEN (M) 1:55.6 - $74,194. At 2, won Vicbred Homegrown Platinum Classic (Gr.2), Ht Pink Bonnet (Gr.2)(Perfect Art) (pedigree)

MISS NICKELS (M) 1:56.6 - $73,292. At 3, 2nd NSW Breeders Challenge Blue (Gr.2)(Tinted Cloud) (pedigree)

FAWZIA (M) 2:00.9 - $57,226. At 2, won Ht and Final Evicus (Gr.3) (Safely Kept) (pedigree)

PRESSED FOR TIME (M) 1:58.6 - $44,708. At 3, won Southland Oaks (Gr.2)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

ILLGIVUADAISYADAY (M) 1:55.7 - $30,390. At 2, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2)(Speed King) (pedigree)



In the Northern Hemisphere Sportswriter is the sire of 394 winners, 95 $100,000 winners, incl:

JIMMY FREIGHT 1:48.6 - $1,188,146. At 2, won leg ONSS Gold (twice); 2nd ONSS Super Final. At 3, won div Somebeachsomewhere, leg ONSS Gold. At 3, won ONSS Super Final, elim Messenger (2nd in Final), elim Progress Pace (2nd in Final); 2nd Millstein Pace; 3rd Matron Pace. At 4, won Mohawk Gold Cup; 2nd Confederation Cup. (Western Ideal) (pedigree)

VORACITY 1:49.6 - $654,738. At 2, won leg ONSS Gold (twice), elim Metro Pace (3rd in Final); 2nd leg ONSS Gold; 3rd ONSS Super Final. (McArdle) (pedigree)

REVEREND HANOVER 1:48.6 - $551,213. At 2, won ONSS Super Final, leg ONSS Gold (twice). At 3, won leg ONSS Super Final, leg ONSS Gold; 2nd Simcoe Stakes. (Cams Card Shark) (pedigree)

SPORTS COLUMN 1:49.2 - $536,307. At 2, won Elim and Final Battle Of Waterloo, leg ONSS Gold (twice). At 3, won leg ONSS Gold (twice); 2nd Jennas Beach Boy; 3rd ONSS Super Final, Little Brown Jug Preview. (Walton Hanover) (pedigree)

SPORTSKEEPER 1:50 - $411,100. At 2, won ONSS Gold leg. At 3, won ONSS Gold leg. (Nuclear Flash)  (pedigree)

SPORTS BETTOR 1:50.6 - $446,262. At 2, won div Nassagaweya. (Bettor's Delight) (pedigree)

YARIS BAYAMA (M) 1:51.4 - $375,965. At 2, won ONSS Gold Super Final, leg ONSS Gold. At 3, won leg ONSS Gold. (Aces Up) (pedigree)

YOGA PANTS (M) 1:53.4 - $350,124. At 2, won Betty Millbank Memorial. At 3, won Mary Murphy Breeders Stakes, Lady Luck Final, Penny Bath Memorial. (Northern Luck) (pedigree)

OK HEAVENLY (M) 1:49.8 - $347,992. At 2, won div ONSS Grassroots. At 3, won div ONSS Grassroots. (Albert Albert) (pedigree)

MOONWRITER 1:50.2 - $343,221. At 3, 3rd leg ONSS Gold. (Rustler Hanover) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 8 7 1 0 $815,860 1:49.4
3 6 1 1 1 $750,780 1:48.6
Total 14 8 2 1 $1,566,460  
At 2 Won elim and Final Metro Pace, Champlain Stakes, Nassagaweya Stakes; 2nd Breeders Crown Final.
At 3 Won North America Cup; 3rd elim North America Cup.
Silent Majority
Greer Hanover
Hobby Horse Tar
Tar Heel
Knight Dream
Dorsh Hanover
Princess Best
The Widower
Princess Chief
Miss Elvira
Dale Frost
Countess Vivian
Voodoo Hanover
Vibrant Hanover
Ladalia Hanover
Columbia George
Good Time
Mitzi Eden
Lady Kacne
Lady Lunken
Precious Beauty
Jate Lobell
No Nukes
Oil Burner
Dottie Shadow
Gidget Lobell
Gogo Playmate
J R Amy
Blaze Pick
Susan Wayne
Good Time Minnie
Dominique Semalu
Big Towner
Bert Abbe
Rose Marie
Tiny Wave
Shadow Wave
Tiny Gold
Midi A Semalu
Laughing Girl
Silents Sister
Hobby Horse Tar

Catalogue Style Pedigree

Sportswriter was a star on the racetrack and has developed into a leading stallion both here and in North America.

He is crossing with similar pedigree patterns to other sons of Artsplace.

In North America if you look at his top ten progeny, three are out of Cam Fella line mares, three are out of No Nukes line mares and then there is one each out of Falcon Seelster, Most Happy Fella and Beach Towel line mares.

Cam Fella line stallions include Bettors DelightFake LeftArmbro OperativePresidential BallWashington VCPrecious BunnyFour Starzzz SharkBlissfull HallPacific FellaCamtasticCameleonBrioso HanoverExotic Earl, etc.

No Nukes line stallions include Live Or DieBadlands HanoverSafely Kept, Village JasperJereme's Jet, American IdealCaprockTicket To Heavenetc.

We have seen similar results in Australia and New Zealand. However the Abercrombie and Direct Scooter influence is also strong.

Two of Sportswriter top ten progeny in Australia are out of Direct Scooter line mares and Mitch Maguire (Christian Cullen mare) is his richest in New Zealand.

Direct Scooter line stallions include In The PocketChristian CullenMach ThreeCourage Under Fire, Stoneridge ScooterJulius CaesarOk ByeDeal Direct and Direct Flight.

Plus we have seen the likes of Read About Lexy (Grinfromeartoear mare), Jodan (Albert Albert mare) and Perfectly Written (Perfect Art mare) demonstrate Sportswriter’s ability to cross positively with Abercrombie line mares in Australia.

Abercrombie line stallions include Art MajorAstreosGrinfromeartoearArtiscapeAlbert AlbertReal DesirePerfect ArtModern ArtLife SignDream AwayPacific RocketFully LoadedPeace Of ArtPanoramaFitch IICrouchOrange Sovereign, etc.

One interesting cross in Australia is with Stature (Big Towner) mares. There hasn’t been a large amount of foals bred on this cross, but it is producing winners at a good percentage and the winners include the stakeswinner Sport Report and the Group One placed Fastestgirlintown.

Duplicating Big Towner has proven to be successful with a number of stallions and it looks like this is the case with Sportswriter as well.