Shadow Play

1:47.8 - $1,559,822. Black Horse foaled 2005. 15.3 Hands

Shadow Play was an outstanding race horse and he is now starting to emerge a sire.

His three season race career was highlighted by wins in the Little Brown Jug, the Adios Pace and the US Pacing Championship and also two World Records.

Shadow Play has sired 70 $100,000 earners in Canada and multiple Group One winners in Australia.

  • Won the Little Brown Jug setting a two-heat World Record on a half mile track - The only colt to take votes off Somebeachsomewhare in the award for 3yo Pacer of the Year.
  • A leading sire of quality performers in North America incl the outstanding mare Lady Shadow 1:48.6.
  • Sired multiple Group One winning two year olds.
  • Sire of the rising Australian star Shadow Sax.


AUS Pay On Pos Test: TBA
NZ Pay On Pos Test: TBA
Standing in Australia


Shadow Sax
Shadow Sax

In the Southern Hemisphere Shadow Play’s is the sire of:

SHADOW SAX 1:52.5 - $541,380. At 2, won Ht and Final Vicbred (Gr.1) , Tatlow Stakes (Gr.2), Ht Australasian Breeders Crown (3rd in Final (Gr.1). At 3, won VHRSC Vic Sires Classic (Gr.2). At 4, 2nd Australasian Breeders Crown (Gr.2). As Aged, won SA Cup (Gr.1), Cranbourne Cup (Gr.2), City Of Melton Plate (Gr.2), Vic 4&5yo Championship (Gr.2), Horsham Cup (Gr.2), Geelong Cup (Gr.3), Stawell Cup (Gr.3), Popular Alm Sprint (Gr.3); 3rd Ballarat Cup (Gr.1)(Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

BRILLIANT STRIKE 1:51 - $229,984. At 3, won PGG Wrightson Harness 5000 (L) ; 3rd NZ Derby (Gr.1), Rangiora Classic (Gr.3), prel Northern Derby. At 4, 2nd Central Otago Trotting Cup (Gr.3)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

OUR TRIPLE PLAY 1:51 - $207,894. At 2, 2nd Rod Fitzpatrick Memorial (Gr.2); 3rd NSW Sapling Stakes (Gr.3). At 3, 2nd Simpson Memorial (Gr.3). At 4, won 4yo Championship (Gr.3), Ht and Final Inter City Pace (Gr.3), Sydney Cup (Gr.3), Wagga Pacers Cup (Gr.3); 3rd Canberra Cup (L). As Aged, won Shirley Turnbull Memorial (Gr.2)(Mach Three) (pedigree)

NIKKIBADWAGON (M) 1:56.3 - $161,820. At 3, 2nd Ht and Final Vicbred (Gr.1); 3rd HBV Gold Chalice (Gr.3). At 4, won Central Victorian Pacing Championship (L). As Aged, Vicbred Platinum Pace (Gr.3); 2nd Breeders Crown Graduate FFA (Gr.2)(Panorama) (pedigree)

NATURAL DISASTER 1:55.5 - $151,080. At 4, won prel WA Golden Nugget, Westbred 4&5yo (L); 3rd McInerney Ford Classic (Gr.1)(Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

IM THE SMOOCHA 1:50.7 - $137,130. (Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

SHADOW RUNNER 1:53.6 - $132,920. At 2, won Ht and Final Bathurst Gold Crown (Gr.1) , Semi NSW Breeders Challenge; 2nd Ht NSW Breeders Challenge (twice). At 3, won Ht Bathurst Gold Chalice (4th in Final (Gr.3)). (Astreos) (pedigree)

COLDPLAY ROAD 1:52.1 - $127,325. (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

THE SHADY ONE 1:52 - $124,493. (Shark Gesture) (pedigree)

SHADOW REIGN 1:52.6 - $122,400. (Presidential Ball) (pedigree)

MACHRIHANISH 1:53.8 - $115,360. At 3, 3rd Westbred Final (Gr.1). At 4, 3rd Manea Classic (L)(Million To One) (pedigree)

ZIBIBBO (M) 1:52.9 - $115,188. At 2, 3rd Australasian Breeders Crown (Gr.1)(Dream Away) (pedigree)

CASTALONG SHADOW 1:55.1 - $114,940. At 2, won Ht and Final Bathurst Gold Crown (Gr.1) , Rod Fitzpatrick Memorial (Gr.3)(Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

MAGICAL MARN 1:55.6 - $113,660. (Presidential Ball) (pedigree)

ANOTHER BROADWAY 1:52.3 - $102,683. (Muckalee Strike) (pedigree)

PLAYING ARKABELLA (M) 1:59.8 - $97,681. At 2, won Prelude and Final Evicus (Gr.3). At 3, won Bandbox Final (Gr.3)(Topnotcher) (pedigree)

DESTINED TO RULE 1:57.5 - $96,116. At 2, won Ht WA Sales Classic (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Northern Luck) (pedigree)

CALLMEQUEENBEE 1:53.3 - $95,850. At 2, won Ht APG (3rd Semi Final); 3rd NSW Breeders Challenge. At 3, Ht and Final Evolution Series, Ht NSW Breeders Challenge (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). (Courage Under Fire) (pedigree)

SHEER STRENGTH 1:55.5 - $91,252. (Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

MORIOR INVICTUS 1:57.6 - $84,913. At 2, won CJ Garrard Classic (Gr.3) , Semi Final Vicbred; 2nd Ht Vicbred. (Southern Gentleman) (pedigree)

TO FAST TO FURIOUS 1:56 - $76,490. At 2, won Westbred Classic (Gr.1)(McArdle) (pedigree)

PLAY THE BOYS 1:56.2 - $64,550. At 2, won WA Sales Classic (Gr.1) (Crouch) (pedigree)

A Force In Action 2:00.6 - $62,271. At 2, 2nd Westbred Final (Gr.1)(Crouch) (pedigree)

DIBABA (M) 1:56 - $58,848. At 3, won Southland Oaks (Gr.2); 3rd Harness 5000 (L)(Life Sign) (pedigree)



In the Northern Hemisphere Shadow Play is the sire of 273 winners, 135 in 1:55, 65 $100,000 winners, incl:

LADY SHADOW (M) 1:48.2 - $2,258,817. At 2, won elim and Final Battle Of The Belles, leg OSS Gold (twice), div OSS Grassroots; 2nd OSS Super Final. At 3, won SBOA Final, Cinderell Stakes, elim Canadian Breeders Championship, leg OSS Gold (twice); 2nd leg OSS Gold. At 4, won elim and Final Roses Are Red; 2nd Milton. As Aged, won elim and Final Breeders Crown, elim and Final Roses Are Red, Golden Girls Stakes, Lady Liberty, TVG Stakes; 2nd Artiscape Stakes. (Camluck) (pedigree)

SKIPPIN BY (M) 1:49.8 - $918,603. At 2, won div OSS Grassroots (3 times). At 3, won OSS Super Final, leg OSS Gold (three times), elim Kin Pace. At 4, 2nd div Allerage. (Jate Lobell) (pedigree)

PERCY BLUECHIP 1:51.4 - $710,829. At 2, won ONSS Super Final, 3 legs ONSS Gold. At 3, won ONSS Super Final, SBOA Final, leg ONSS Gold. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

KENDALL SEELSTER (M) 1:49.8 - $665,150. At 2, won div Champlain, leg ONSS Gold (twice); 2nd Shes A Great Lady Final, OSS Super Final. At 3, won leg OSS Gold; 2nd OSS Super Final. (Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

TESSA SEELSTER (M) 1:50 - $566,589. At 2, won leg ON Autumn Series (3rd in Final). At 3, won leg OSS Gold; 3rd OSS Super Final. (Camluck) (pedigree)

NVESTMENT BLUECHIP 1:50 - $562,938. At 2, won leg OSS Gold (3 times), div Champlain Stakes; 2nd OSS Super Final; 3rd Breeders Crown Final, elim Metro. At 3, won, leg OSS Gold; 2nd leg OSS Gold. (Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

ARTHUR BLUE CHIP 1:50.2 - $552,759. At 2, won OSS Mid Summer Challenge Final, Nassagaweya Stakes, elim Metro Pace, leg OSS Gold (twice), elim Battle Of Waterloo (3rd in Final), 2nd Governor's cup, leg OSS Gold. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

CLASSIC PRO 1:51 - $420,299. At 3, 2nd elim North America Cup; 3rd Meadowlands Pace. (Astreos) (pedigree)

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 1:52 - $413,834. At 2, won Nassagaweya Stakes, cons ONSS Gold; 2nd leg OSS Gold; 3rd elim Metro Pace. At 3, won leg OSS; 2nd OSS Super Final, div Simcoe Stakes, leg OSS Gold (three times). (Blissfull Hall) (pedigree)

ANABETH (M) 1:52 - $372,849. (Keystone Raider) (pedigree)

SHADOW PLACE 1:49.2 - $350,708. At 2, won div OSS Grassroots (twice). (Artsplace) (pedigree)

ALIBI SEELSTER (M) 1:51.4 - $326,233. At 2, won leg OSS Gold, cons Battle Of The Belles; 2nd leg OSS Gold; 3rd OSS Mid Summer Challenge Final. (Intrepid Seelster) (pedigree)

NEFERTITI BLUECHIP (M) 1:52.4 - $320,177. At 2, won OSS Mid Summer Challenge Final, leg OSS Gold; 3rd leg OSS Gold. At 3, 2nd elim Canadian Breeders Championship. (Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

CAST NO SHADOW (M) 1:50.8 - $303,434. (Artiscape) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 13 3 3 3 $31,151 1:57.4
3 25 14 3 1 $1,177,421 1:48.4f
4 11 3 3 1 $351,250 1:47.8
Total 49 20 9 5 $1,559,822  
At 2 2nd leg Dream Maker Series (twice); 3rd elim Metro Pace.
At 3 Won elim and Final Little Brown Jug, elim and Final Adios Pace, American National Stakes, Windy City Pace, elim Breeders Crown (2nd in Final), elim Confederation Cup, leg Diplomat Pacing Series, div Reynolds; 2nd Messenger Stakes Final.
At 4 Won US Pacing Championship; 2nd Breeders Crown Final; 3rd elim Canadian Pacing Derby.
The Panderosa
Western Hanover
No Nukes
Most Happy Fella
Dottie Shadow
Gidget Lobell
Gogo Playmate
Wendymae Hanover
Voodoo Hanover
Wendy Sue Hanover
Best Of All
Wendy Hanover
Daisy Harbor
Coal Harbor
Voodoo Hanover
Perna Hanover
Tar Heel
Pert Dottie
J R Daisy
Blaze Pick
Gene Abbe
Susan Wayne
Rosie Baron
Baron Hanover
Rosie Wick
Matts Filly
Matt's Scooter
Direct Scooter
Sampson Direct
Sampson Hanover
Dottie Rosecroft
Noble Claire
Noble Victory
Scotch Claire
Ellens Glory
Dale Frost
Countess Vivian
Gloria Barmin
Greentree Adios
Adept Hanover
Breeze's Girl
Warm Breeze
Bret Hanover
Brenna Hanover
Touch Of Spring
Good Time
Breath O Spring
Bit Player
Most Happy Fella
Dottie Shadow
Abbe Butler
Adios Butler
Miss Comet Abbe

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As a racehorse Shadow play was as tough as he was fast, and he was very fast!

By The Panderosa and out of a Matts Scooter mare, his pedigree is open to breed to a variety of mares.

Being a No Nukes line stallion we expect Shadow Play to work with mares by stallions from the Abercrombie, Cam Fella and Direct Scooter sirelines.

In Canada he has proven very successful with mares by all three of these sirelines, leaving $100,000+ earners bred on these crosses.

In Australia and New Zealand such Abercrombie line stallions include Art Major, Astreos, Grinfromeartoear, Artiscape, Albert Albert, Real Desire, Modern Art, Life Sign, Dream Away, Pacific Rocket, Fully Loaded, Peace Of Art, Panorama, Fitch II, Crouch, Orange Sovereign, etc.

The Panderosa has crossed quite well with Cam Fella line mares. The most successful of these crosses is The Panderosa / Presidential Ball cross, which augers well for Shadow Play serving Presidential Ball mares. However other daughters of stallions such as Fake Left, Armbro Operative, Bettors Delight, Precious Bunny, Pacific Fella, Camtastic, Cameleon, Brioso Hanover and Exotic Earl should also do well with Shadow Play.

Direct Scooter line mares would be an interesting prospect for Shadow Play as he is from a Matts Scooter (by Direct Scooter) mare. The double up of this very influential stallion could very much be a positive.

We have seen it in practice with both Spot Ona Shadow and Brilliant Strike both out of Christian Cullen mares.

Direct Scooter line stallions include In The Pocket, Christian Cullen, Mach Three, Stoneridge Scooter, Ok Bye, Deal Direct and Direct Flight.

Another dam sire which The Panderosa has clicked very well with is Beach Towel, with the best horse bred on this cross being Dave Panlone $692,991. So Shadow Play should suit being bred to both Beach Towel or Jennas Beach Boy mares.

A cross that is emerging is line breeding to No Nukes, so Shadow Play could very well be suited to mares by stallions including Safely Kept, Village Jasper, Live Or Die, Western Terror, American Ideal, Jeremes Jet, Caprock, Badlands Hanover, Ticket To Heaven, Barnett Hanover, Union Guy, Kinney Hanover, Northern Lights, etc.

Shadow Play, being a No Nukes line stallion out of a Direct Scooter line mare, could also be suited to Albatross line mares.