1:47.6 - $2,748,818. Bay Horse foaled 2007. 15.2 Hands

World Champion at both two and three, voted Horse of the Year, Pacer of the Year and 3yo of the Year, Rocknroll Hanover's richest son and now a leading sire.

As a 2yo he set a World Record on a 1000 metre track when winning an elimination of the Govenors Cup.

As a 3yo he put together a simply incredible season which saw him win the Breeders Crown, Little Brown Jug (World Record), Battle Of Brandywind, Tattersalls Pace and the Messenger Pace amongst many stakes win. In fact he won a total of seven races that season with a stake of over $2,000,000.

At stud Rock N Roll Heaven has hit the ground running becoming the Leading First Crop sire in both North America and Australia.

His progeny include Dan Patch winners, Record Holders, multiple stakes winners and it is just the beginning.

  • Rocknroll Hanover's richest son.
  • 2014/15 Australia’s Leading First Crop Sire and 2nd overall.
  • Sire of 17 stakes winners, incl eight Group 1 winners, from his debut Australian crop.
  • Sire of the excitement machine Heaven Rocks!


AUS Pay On Pos Test: $8,000 (incl GST)
NZ Pay On Pos Test: $7,000 (plus GST)
  Australian Contract New Zealand Contract


Heavens Trend
Rocknroll Magic - Australian 3YO Filly of the Year

In the Southern Hemisphere Rock N Roll Heaven's oldest progeny are five year olds. To date he is the sire of:

ROCKNROLL MAGIC (M) 1:54.5 - $462,363. At 2, Ht, Semi Final Vicbred (3rd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht and Final Tatlow Stakes (Gr.2) , Ht and Final SA Southern Cross (Gr.2). At 3, won Ht, Semi and Final Australasian Breeders Crown (Gr.1), won Ht, Semi and Final Vicbred (Gr.1), Ht, Semi and Final SA Southern Cross Final (Gr.2), HBV Gold Chalice (Gr.3), SA BOTRA Final, Ht Vicbred; 2nd Ht NSW Oaks. At 4, won Vicbred Platinum Pace (Gr.1); 2nd Silver Chalice (Gr.3), Ht Vicbred; 3rd Vicbred Final (Gr.1), Vicbred Platinum Metropolitan Pace Final (Gr.3)(Live Or Die) (pedigree)

HEAVENS TREND (M) 1:52.1 - $385,683. At 2, won Ht, Semi Final and Final NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.1) , Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. At 3, won ht Vic Oaks (2nd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht and Semi Final NSW Breeders Challenge (3rd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht and Semi Final Australasian Breeders Crown. At 4, won Breeders Crown (Gr.2), Silver Chalice (Gr.3), Semi NSW Breeders Challenge (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Perfect Art) (pedigree)

MACKENZIE (M) 1:52.4 - $355,361. At 3, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2), Ht Australasian Breeders Crown (2nd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht NSW Breeders Challenge;  2nd Semi Final NSW Breeders Challenge. At 4, won leg and Final Matchmaker Series. (Safely Kept) (pedigree)

HEAVEN ROCKS 1:51.8 - $302,476. At 3, won Harness Jewels (Gr.1) , Southern Supremacy Stakes (Gr.2). At 4, won Easter Cup (Gr.1) , 4yo Emerald (Gr.1), Kumeu Founders Cup (Gr.3); 3rd Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2)(Pacific Fella) (pedigree)

JILLIBY JITTERBUG (M) 1:56.5 - $211,780. At 2, won Semi Final and Final APG (Gr.1) , Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. At 3, won Semi Final NSW Breeders Challenge. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

PARK LIFE (M) 1:53.2 - $174,254. At 2, won Ht and Final APG (Gr.1) (In The Pocket) (pedigree)

ROCK OF AMERICA 1:51.4 - $161,790. At 3, won Ht Australasian Breeders Crown (3rd in Final (Gr.1); 3rd Ht, Semi and Final NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.1). At 4, won NSW Breeders Challenge Final (Gr.1)(Artiscape) (pedigree)

EYE SEE DIAMONDS (M) 1:52.1 - $153,855. At 3, won Ht NSW Breeders Challenge (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 4, won Semi and Final NSW Breeders Challenge (Gr.1)(Perfect Art) (pedigree)

KILLER QUEEN (M) 1:52.1 - $153,604. At 2, won NZYSS Nothern Graduette; 2nd Ht NZSS; 3rd Diamond (Gr.1), PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales 2yo Fillies Final (L), Ht Young Gun Series. At 3, won Ht NZSS ; 3rd Peter Breckon Memorial Ladyship Stakes. (Partywiththebigdog) (pedigree)

FRANKIE ROCKS 1:52.5 - $145,690. At 3, won QBred Triad Final (Gr.1) , Australasian Breeders Crown Silver (Gr.3)(Fake Left) (pedigree)

ROCKMEMAMA (M) 1:52.4 - $140,850. At 3, won NSW Breeders Challenge Final (Gr.1), Ht and Final Bathurst Gold Bracelet (Gr.3) ; 3rd Ht NSW Breeders Challenge. (Safely Kept) (pedigree)

ANYTHING FOR LOVE 1:49.5 - $123,993. At 4, won NSW Carousel Final (Gr.2), Sky Racing Carnival Of Miracles Stakes (Gr.2); 2nd Mount Eden Stakes (Gr.3). (pedigree)

FOUROEIGHT 1:52 - $115,345. At 3, won Bathurst Gold Chalice (Gr.3) , Ht NSW Breeders Challenge. At 4, won Mount Eden Stakes (Gr.3), Ht Tabcorp Park Menangle Country Series (3rd in Final (L)). (Life Sign) (pedigree)

GEORGIA GRACE (M) 1:57 - $108,746. At 2, won APG Queensland Sales Final (Gr.2) ; 3rd Paleface Adios Classic (Gr.3). At 3, won QBred Breeders Classic Final (Gr.2)(P B Bullville) (pedigree)

ZARAS DELIGHT (M) 1:53.8 - $103,586. At 2, won Ht and Semi Final APG ; 2nd Paleface Adios Classic (Gr.3). At 3, won Redcliffe Oaks (L)(Art Major) (pedigree)

BERNIE WINKLE 1:54.9 - $97,873. (Mach Three) (pedigree)

THUNDER DANCE 1:52.5 - $82,810. At 3, won NSW Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2)(Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

SMITHSTARS LEXUS 1:56 - $80,673. (Panorama) (pedigree)

ROCK WITH SAM 1:56.9 - $74,242. At 2, 2nd QBred Triad Final (Gr.1); 3rd Brisbane APG (Gr.2) QBred Breeders Classic (Gr.2). At 3, 2nd QBred Triad Final (Gr.2)(Modern Art) (pedigree)

ROCKN BRUSHGROVE 1:51.8 - $78,660. At 3, 2nd Breeders Challenge Blue Final (Gr.2), Breeders Challenge Regional Final (Gr.3). At 4, 2nd Semi Breeders Challenge. (Mach Three) (pedigree)

I WILL ROCK YOU 1:52.5 - $76,866. At 4, won Winter Championship Final (Gr.3)(In The Pocket) (pedigree)

ROLL WITH IT 1:54.2 - $73,633. At 3, won Ht and Final Vicbred Homegrown Classic (Gr.2) (Troublemaker) (pedigree)

SOHO LEXINGTON 1:56.4 - $38,859. At 2, won cons APG (Gr.2) (Sokys Atom) (pedigree)



In the Northern Hemisphere Rock N Roll Heaven's oldest progeny are five year olds. To date he is the sire of 128 winners, 31 $100,000 winners, incl:

SASSA HANOVER (M) 1:49.8 - $1,259,844. At 2, won 4 legs NYSS, div Bluegrass, div International Stallion Stakes, Matron Stakes; 2nd elim and Final Breeders Crown. At 3, Ht and Final Juggette , div Adioo Volo, elim Fan Hanover; 2nd Breeders Crown Final, Lismore Final; 3rd Valley Forge. At 4, 2nd Breeders Crown Final. (Allamerican Native) (pedigree)

DIVINE CAROLINE (M) 1:49.4 - $959,588. At 2, won div Reynolds; 2nd div Bluegrass, div International Stallion Stakes. At 3, won elim and Final Breeders Crown, Glen Garnsey Memorial, Tarport Hap, div Bluegrass; 2nd Final Mistletoe Shalee. (Art Major) (pedigree)

ROCKIN IN HEAVEN 1:49.8 - $623,291. At 3, won Empire Breeders Classic, div Somebeachsomewhere, leg Summertime Series (2nd in Final), leg NYSS; 2nd leg NYSS; 3rd Ht Little Brown Jug. (Jennas Beach Boy) (pedigree)

BLAZIN BRITCHES 1:48.8 - $540,424. At 3, won Breeders Crown, Nadia Lobell, Adioo Volo, Shady Daisy, elim Juggette (2nd in Final). (Allamerican Ingot) (pedigree)

BAND OF ANGELS (M) 1:50 - $487,150. At 2, won 5 legs NYSS, elim Shes A Great Lady; 2nd elim Three Diamonds. At 3, won 3 legs and Final NYSS, elim Empire Breeders Classic (3rd in Final) (Jate Lobell) (pedigree)

ARQUE HANOVER 1:49.8 - $448,756. At 3, won elim Empire Breeders Classic; 2nd elim North America Cup. (Dragon Again) (pedigree)

FINE DIAMOND 1:50.8 - $447,347. At 2, 2nd 2 legs and Final NYSS. At 3, won leg NYSS; 3rd div Bluegrass. (Western Terror) (pedigree)

SOTO 1:48.8 - $431,850. At 2, won 2 legs NYSS Excelsior. At 3, won leg NYSS Excelsior; 2nd 3 legs NYSS. As Aged, won leg Levy Memorial (three times). (Art Major) (pedigree)

K ROCK 1:50.6 - $316,301. At 2, won leg NYSS. At 3, won leg NYSS; 2nd leg NYSS. (Fake Left) (pedigree)

ROCK ME GENTLY (M) 1:50.4 - $286,802. At 2, won 3 legs NYSS Excelsior. At 3, won Glen Garnsey Memorial, 2 legs NYSS. (Cambest) (pedigree)

PLANET ROCK 1:52 - $271,753. At 2, won div NYSS (six times). (Cams Card Shark) (pedigree)

HEAVENLY BRIDE (M) 1:53.4 - $252,760. At 2, 2nd 4 legs NYSS. At 3, 3rd leg NYSS. (Allamerican Native) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 9 4 4 1 $592,626 1:50.4
3 21 16 2 1 $2,156,192 1:47.6
Total 30 20 6 2 $2,748,848  
At 2

Won New Jersey Sires Stakes Final, Bluegrass Stakes, elim Governors Cup (2nd in Final); 2nd elim and Final Metro Pace.

At 3

Won elim and Final Breeders Crown, Ht and Final Little Brown Jug, Battle Of Brandywine, Messenger Stakes, Tattersalls Pace, Matron Stakes, Berrys Creek Pace, leg and Final New Jersey Sires Stakes, Bluegrass Stakes, elim Meadowlands Pace (2nd in Final), elim North America Cup (4th in Final).


Rocknroll Hanover
Western Ideal
Western Hanover
No Nukes
Wendymae Hanover
Wendy Sue Hanover
Leah Almahurst
Silent Majority
Liberated Angel
Angel Hair
Rich N Elegant
Direct Scooter
Sampson Direct
Sampson Hanover
Dottie Rosecroft
Noble Claire
Noble Victory
Scotch Claire
Proven Perfect
Silent Majority
Shifting Sands
Shadow Wave
Golden Miss
Artistic Vision
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Henry T Adios
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Duane Hanover
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Miss Elvira
Voodoo Hanover
Ladalia Hanover
Columbia George
Lady Kacne
Armbro Ophelia
Cam Fella
Most Happy Fella
Laughing Girl
Nan Cam
Bret Hanover
Nan Frost
Jollie Dame
Princess Sam

Catalogue Style Pedigree

Rock N Roll Heaven is Rocknroll Hanover’s richest son and possesses an exciting pedigree with his first two dams being by Artsplace and Cam Fella.

These two stallions are featuring prominently in the pedigrees of Rock N Roll Heaven’s leading progeny.

Of his top ten performers in North America four are out of Cam Fella line mares, including his richest in Sassa Hanover.

In the Southern Hemisphere the stakeswinners Frankie Rocks, Georgia Grace and Heaven Rocks are all out Cam Fella line mares.

Cam Fella line stallions include Bettors DelightFake LeftArmbro OperativePresidential BallWashington VCPrecious BunnyFour Starzzz SharkBlissfull HallPacific FellaCamtasticCameleonBrioso HanoverExotic Earl, etc.

Abercrombie line mares have also been crossing well with Rock N Roll Heaven. The likes of Heavens Trend, Killer Queen and Divine Caroline are all perfect examples of this.

Abercrombie line stallions include Art MajorGrinfromeartoear, Perfect Art, ArtiscapeAstreosModern ArtAlbert AlbertLife SignDream AwayPacific RocketFully LoadedPeace Of ArtPanorama, etc.

In Australia, Rock N Roll Heaven has sired two Australian Pacing Gold Final winners and both have been out of Direct Scooter line mares – Jilliby Jitterbug (Christian Cullen mare) and Park Life (In The Pocket mare).

Downunder Direct Scooter line stallions include In The PocketChristian CullenMach ThreeCourage Under Fire, Stoneridge ScooterOk ByeDeal DirectDirect Flight, etc.

Duplicating No Nukes has produced a number of high quality performers and this is most definitely the case with Rock N Roll Heaven.

Rocknroll Magic (Live Or Die mare), Mackenzie (Safely Kept mare), Rockmemama (Safely Kept mare) and Band Of Angels (Jate Lobell mare) are all examples of this type of pedigree.

No Nukes line stallions include Live Or DieBadlands HanoverSafely Kept, Village JasperJereme's Jet, American IdealCaprockTicket To Heavenetc.