Courage Under Fire

1:54.2 - $1,485,629. Brown Horse foaled 1995. 14.3 Hands

As a racehorse Courage Under Fire was legendary. He won his first 24 starts, 6 Derbies, multiple Grand Circuit races and almost $1.5 million.

At stud he has proven to be a remarkable sire of classic winning juveniles that have the ability to progress through to Cup class. He is one of the very best stallions standing at stud in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • A tremendous sire on both sides of the Tasman – Classic juveniles that progress on to Cup class.
  • The sire of over 80 individual $100,000 earners to date.
  • Consistently ranks amongst the leading sires in both Australia and NZ.
  • In 2014/15 the sire of 25 2yo winners (second to Art Major) incl Dont Hold Back 1:53.7, Whirily School 1:58.4, Dancing With Miley 1:56, Thebattlejusbegun 1:56.6, etc.


AUS Pay On Pos Test: TBA
Standing in Australia
  Australian Contract  



Courage Under Fire is the sire of 672 winners of over $39,087,158, 90 $100,000 earners, incl:

SMOLDA 1:50.6 - $2,139,596. At 3, won Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1), Ht and Final NSW Derby (Gr.1), Vero Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Elsu Classic (Gr.2), Ht Northern Derby (3rd in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd NZ Derby (Gr.1). At 4, won Franklin Cup (Gr.2), Don KRC FFA (L); 2nd Chariots Of Fire (Gr.1), 4yo Bonanza (Gr.3). As Aged, won Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), Hunter Cup (Gr.1)  , Len Smith Mile (Gr.1), Bohemia Crystal FFA (Gr.1), Ballarat Cup (Gr.1), Renshaw Cup (Gr.2), Garrards Horse And Hound Pace (Gr.3), Summer Cup (Gr.3), Tabcorp Open Pace (Gr.3); 2nd NZ Cup (Gr.1), Victoria Cup (Gr.1), Easter Cup (Gr.1); 3rd Auckland Cup (Gr.1)(Safely Kept) (pedigree)

PEMBROOK BENNY 1:53.6 - $907,890. At 4, 2nd Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1), City Of Auckland FFA (Gr.2); 3rd Easter Cup (Gr.1), 4yo Classic (Gr.3), Summer Cup (Gr.3). As Aged, won NZ FFA (Gr.1) , City Of Auckland FFA (Gr.1), Waikato Flying Mile (Gr.2) (twice), Franklin Cup (Gr.2), Summer Cup (Gr.3) (three times), Founders Cup (Gr.3); 2nd Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Franklin Cup (Gr.2), Waikato Flying Mile(Gr.3); 3rd Auckland Cup (Gr.1), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Waikato Flying Mile (Gr.2)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

SLEEPY TRIPP 1:56.8 - $779,188. At 3, won NZ Derby (Gr.1) , 3yo Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Ht Northern Derby (2nd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht NZ Sires Stakes; 2nd Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1). At 4, Won Easter Cup (Gr.1); 2nd Taylor Mile (Gr.1), 4yo Championship (Gr.3), Invercargill Cup (Gr.3). As Aged, 2nd Ricoh FFA (Gr.3); 3rd NZ Cup (Gr.1), Kaikoura Cup (Gr.2) (Fitch II) (pedigree)

FLEM N EM 1:49.6 - $751,844. At 3, 3rd NZ Yearling Sales Series Open Final (L)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

ITZ CHERRY RIPE (M) 1:51.4 - $615,127. At 2, won Nevele R Stud 2yo Fillies Cl. (L) (New York Motoring) (pedigree)

CHOISE ACHIEVER 1:57 - $599,158. At 4, won Pelorus 4yo Classic (Gr.2); 2nd Superstars Championship (Gr.2). As Aged won A G Hunter Cup (Gr.1) , Cobram Pacing Cup (L); 2nd Geelong Cup (Gr.2); 3rd Shepparton Gold Cup (Gr.2)(Camtastic) (pedigree)

TALK TO ME COURAGE 1:51.4 - $597,227. At 2, 3rd WA Golden Slipper (Gr.1). As Aged, won Lord Mayors Cup (Gr.3); 2nd WA Celebrity Sprint (Gr.2) (twice), Northam Cup (Gr.3); 3rd Navy Cup (Gr.2)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

COURAGE TO RULE 1:58 - $522,831. At 2, won Ht NZ Sires Stakes (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1); 3rd PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Series Open (L). At 3, won Vic Derby (Gr.1), Ht NSW Derby (2nd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht Aust. Breeders Crown (3rd in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Qld Derby (Gr.1). At 4, 3rd Qld Winter Cup (Gr.1). As Aged, won NSW Rising Star Series (Gr.3), Bretsa’s 40th  Birthday Final (Gr.3). (Payson's Brother) (pedigree)

LANERCOST 1:52.5 - $509,121. At 2, won ht and Semi Final Aust. Breeders Crown (2nd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht Kevin Seymour (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). At 3, won Australian Derby (Gr.1), Tasmanian Derby (Gr.1), Caduceus Club Cup (L), Ht Vic Derby (3rd in Final (Gr.1)), repecharge Aust. Breeders Crown (4th in Final (Gr.1)); 3rd Gold Coast Derby (Gr.3). At 4, won Chariots Of Fire (Gr.1) , Qld 4yo Championship (Gr.3); 3rd Qld 4&5yo Championship (Gr.3). As Aged, won Christmas Cup (L)(New York Motoring) (pedigree)

LANCOME (M) 1:54.9 - $461,277. At 2 won, Nevele R Stakes (Gr.3), Ht NZ Sires Stakes; 2nd Harness Jewels Diamond (Gr.1); 3rd Caduceus Club Classic (Gr.1), PGG Wrightson Yearling Sale Series Fillies Final (L). At 3, won PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales Series Final (L), 2 Hts Nevele R Series (3rd in Final (Gr.1)), Ht NZ Sires Stakes; 2nd NZ Oaks (Gr.1), Harness Jewels Diamond (Gr.1); 3rd Ladyship Stakes (Gr.2). At 4, won Harness Jewels Diamond (Gr.1) , 4&5yo Classic (Gr.3); 2nd Premier Mares Championship (Gr.2); 3rd NZ Breeders Stakes(Gr.1), Winter Cup (L)(Soky's Atom) (pedigree)


FRANCO JAMAR 1:51.2 - $371,582. At 3, won Southern Supremacy Stakes (Gr.2); 2nd NZ Derby (Gr.1). At 4, 2nd Australasian Breeders Crown (Gr.1). As Aged, Coca-Cola Amatil Sprint (Gr.2) , New Season Championship Final (L)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

MOTU CRUSADER 1:52.9 - $361,343. At 3, 2nd Qld Derby (Gr.1), Gold Coast Derby (Gr.3). As Aged won Sunshine Sprint (Gr.2) , Tasmania Cup (Gr.3), Easter Cup (Gr.3); 2nd Be Good Johnny Sprint (Gr.3); 3rd Horsham Pacing Cup (Gr.2)(Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

ARCTIC FIRE 1:51.6 - $357,872. At 3, 2nd WA Oaks (Gr.1). At 4, won ht Australasian Breeders Crown (3rd in Final (Gr.1)). As Aged, 3rd New Season Championship (L)(Smooth Fella) (pedigree)

DAYS OF COURAGE 1:53.2 - $335,859. At 2, 2nd kindergarten Stakes (Gr.2), Ht NZ Sires Stakes; 3rd NZ 2yo Championship (Gr.1). At 3, won Northern 3yo Stakes (L) , Ht NZ Sires Stakes; 2nd Southern Supremacy Stakes Final (Gr.2), Elsu Classic (Gr.3); 3rd Ht and Final Northern Derby (Gr.1). At 4, 2nd Firestone FFA (Gr.3).  As Aged, 3rd Rangioro Classic (Gr.3); 4th Auckland Cup (Gr.1)(Alba Counsel) (pedigree)

CAN RETURN FIRE 1:53.9 - $312,222. At 3, 2nd prel WA Derby. At 4, won Pinjarra Cup (Gr.3), prel WA Golden Nugget. As Aged, 2nd ht Inter Dominion (Gr.2), Mount Eden Sprint (Gr.2), Lord Mayors Cup (Gr.3), GPHR Members Sprint (Gr.3), Seven News Pace (L); 3rd ht Inter Dominion (Gr.2), NSW Golden Mile (Gr.3)(Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

GLENGOWAN 1:52.1 - $312,069. At 3, won SA Derby. (Gr.1)(Presidential Ball) (pedigree)

COURAGEOUS ANNIE (M) 1:52.6 - $201,551. At 3, won NSW Oaks (Gr.1)(Rashad) (pedigree)

ITSALLABOUT NICOLE 1:55.4 - $174,471. At 2, won WA Pearl Classic (Gr.1)(Walton Hanover) (pedigree)

WAVES OF FIRE 1:53.9 - $106,288. At 2, won Nursery Pace (Gr.1)(Presidential Ball) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
2 6 6 0 0 $230,130 1:57.7
3 16 16 0 0 $668,458 1:54.7
4 6 3 1 0 $72,100 1:55.9
5 17 9 1 0 $205,701 1:54.6
6 11 7 2 0 $375,552 1:54.2
Total 56 41 4 0 $1,485,629  
At 2 Won Ht and Final NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1), NZ Welcome Stakes (Gr.2), PGG NZ Yearling Sales Series Open Final.
At 3 Won NZ Derby (Gr.1), GN Derby (Gr.1), Aust Derby (Gr.1), Ht and Final Vic Derby (Gr.1), Preview and Final NSW Derby (Gr.1), Qld Derby (Gr.1), Ht and Final NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1), NZ Rising Stars 2yo Championship (Gr.2), Honda Cars 3yo Mobile Championship (Gr.2), Golden Mile (Gr.2), NZ 3yo Flying Stakes (Gr.2), PGG NZ Yearling Sales Series Open Final.
At 4 Won Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.2)
At 5 Won SA Cup (Gr.1), 2 Hts Inter Dominion (4th in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd Queensland Pacing Championship (Gr.1)
At 6 Won Australian Pacing Championship (Gr.1), Queensland Pacing Championship (Gr.1), Newcastle Mile (Gr.3), 3 Hts Inter Dominion; 2nd Miracle Mile (Gr.1), Victoria Cup (Gr.1).
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Courage Under Fire, like most Direct Scooter line stallions, has crossed extremely well with Falcon Seelster mares leaving such horses as Pembrook Benny, Franco Jamar, Motu Crusader and Talk To Me Courage.

So any Falcon Seelster or Falcon Seelster line mares (such as McArdle, Elsu, Million To One, Ultimate Falcon, etc) could be well suited for Courage Under Fire.

Most Happy Fella line mares, particularly by New York York Motoring and Road Machine, have achieved some very good results when mated with Courage Under Fire. Horses by Courage Under Fire out Most Happy Fella mares include Lanercost (New York Motoring mare), Eye Catcher Courage (Road Machine mare), Gilt Bromac (Present Laughter mare), Arctic Fire (Smooth Fella mare), Queen Of Fire (Whats Next mare), Tooth Under Fire (Troublemaker mare), etc.

The Direct Scooter line / Cam Fella line cross has proven very successful in Australia and New Zealand and Courage Under Fire's Hunter Cup winner Choise Achiever is bred on this cross as well as Derby winner Glengowan (out of a Presidential Ball mare).

Cam Fella line stallions include Fake Left, Armbro Operative, Bettors Delight, Presidential Ball, Precious Bunny, Pacific Fella, Camtastic, Cameleon, Brioso Hanover, Exotic Earl, etc.

Courage Under Fire has also left very good horses out of Meadow Skipper line mares like Erics Legend (Paulsboro mare), Courageous Annie (Rashad mare), Eastwood Fire (Nero's BB mare), etc.

Interestingly Courage Under Fire has shown a real affinity with Paysons Brother mares leaving Courage To Rule, Pablito and Rowan Direct from a small number of foals.

Courage Under Fire has also been productive with Caprock mares leaving Glenferrie Alexis and Cromac Johnny.

Then of course Courage Under Fire's current star Smolda is out of a Safely Kept mare.

So it appears that No Nukes line mares (by the likes of Safely Kept, Village Jasper, Live Or Die, American Ideal, Badlands Hanover, Western Terror, Jeremes Jet, Ticket To Heaven, Barnett Hanover, Union Guy, Kinney Hanover, Northern Lights, etc.) could be well suited to Courage Under Fire.

When bred to Walton Hanover mares, Courage Under Fire has sired two Group One winners in Lancome and Itsallaboutnicole.

While Courage Under Fire's best performer, Sleepy Tripp (Fitch II mare) is out of an Abercrombie line mare, as is Im Full Of Fire (Greener Pastures mare).