1:48 - $1,636,086. Bay Horse foaled 2008. 15.3 Hands

Betterthancheddar is not only retired as the fastest and richest entire son of Bettor's Delight, he is also a dual World Record Holder.

As a three-year-old, winning the $500,000 Breeders Crown, the $225,000 American National Stake, the $342,000 Cane Pace and the $175,000 Windy City Pace.

In total as a four-year-old he had 11 starts for 9 wins and two World Records. The first of his two World Records came on a five-eighths track in the $500,000 Ben Franklin Final at Pocono Downs.

Now Betterthancheddar is enjoying a great start to his siring career with a Group 1 winner, record holders and multiple stakeswinners to date!

  • A champion 3yo he won the Cane Pace and the Breeders Crown Final.
  • As a 4yo, set World Record’s on both half mile and five eighths tracks and won 9 from 11 against the battle hardened warhorses in the free-for-all ranks.
  • Sire of the Group One winner and Australasian Record Holder My Sweetchilliphilly from his debut crop and four stakes winning two year olds from his second crop.
  • Sire of the fastest ever three year old filly in the Southern Hemisphere - Cheesy Fingers 1:50.3.


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My Sweetchilliphilly
My Sweetchilliphilly

In the Southern Hemisphere Betterthancheddar's oldest progeny are four year olds in 2018/19. To date he is the sire of:

CAVIAR STAR 1:55.2 - $350,912. At 4, won Im Themightyquinn (Gr.3). As Aged, won Fremantle Cup (Gr.1)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

BETTER BE DONNA (M) 1:49.8 - $184,250. (In The Pocket) (pedigree)

MISS YOU (M) 1:51.6 - $178,923. (Courage Under Fire) (pedigree)

MY SWEETCHILLIPHILLY (M) 1:52.1 - $122,440. At 2, won Ht and Final Bathurst Gold Tiara (Gr.1), Pink Bonnet Stakes (Gr.3), Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. At 3, 2nd Ht Bathurst Gold Bracelet; 3rd Ht NSW Oaks. (In The Pocket) (pedigree)

NANDOLO 1:56.7 - $110,746. At 4, 3rd Harness Jewels (Gr.1)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

MY HARMONY BLUE (M) 1:52 - $106,553. At 3, 3rd Breeders Crown Final (Gr.1). At 4, 2nd Cinderella Stakes (Gr.3)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

RESURGENT STORM 1:58 - $84,301 At 2, won prel and Final Dandy Patch (Gr.3), Ht and Final Tas Sweepstakes; 2nd Tas Golden Slipper. At 3, won Tas Sires Produce; 2nd Tas Derby (Gr.3)(Resurgent Dragon) (pedigree)

CHEESY FINGERS (M) 1:50.3 - $82,190. Australasian Record Holder. At 2, 3rd Ht Young Guns Series. At 3, won Raith Memorial (Gr.1), ht NZ Sires Stakes; 2nd Ladyship Stakes (Gr.2); 3rd NSW Oaks. (Artiscape) (pedigree)

DETROIT LILY (M) 1:55.4 - $81,512. At 3, won prel WA Oaks (2nd in Final (Gr.1)). (Abercrombie) (pedigree)

VINTAGE CHEDDAR 1:55 - $79,210. (Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

BUBBLES AND CHEESE (M) 1:58.6 - $73,628. At 2, won SA Southern Cross Final (Gr.2), SA Golden Nursery (Gr.3). At 3, 2nd SA Southern Cross Final (Gr.2), SA Oaks. (Modern Art) (pedigree)

KRAFTY BOY 1:58.5 - $70,203. At 3, 3rd Ht Globe Derby. (Cameleon) (pedigree)

NOWUSEEMESMILE (M) 1:59.1 - $67,227. At 4, 3rd Lombardo Final (Gr.3)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

FRANKINCENSE (M) 1:55.3 - $66,790. At 3, 2nd Argent Classic. At 4, won Ht Vicbred; 2nd Semi Vicbred. (In The Pocket) (pedigree)

HUNZA VALLEY (M) 1:55 - $62,285. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

WATCH LIST 1:55.7 - $59,255. At 2, won Ht Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic. At 3, won VHRSC Vic Sires Classic (Gr.3)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

BETTERNBETTER 1:54.3 - $58,840. At 2, won Ht and Final Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (Gr.2)(Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

SHES PUKKA (M) 1:54.2 - $55,833. (Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

THE BIG CHEESE 1:55.3 - $47,440. (Live Or Die) (pedigree)

COLBY SANZ 2:03.4 - $45,920. At 2, won prel and Final Dandy Patch (Gr.2)(Western Ideal) (pedigree)

BETTERTHANKATY (M) 1:57.4 - $44,215. (In The Pocket) (pedigree)

EDAMFAST 1:57.1 - $43,229. (Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

LADY SWISS (M) 1:57.1 - $41,275. At 3, 2nd Ht NSW Breeders Challenge. (Golden Greek) (pedigree)

HES CHIMING 1:55.2 - $39,746. At 4, 3rd NSW Breeders Challenge Semi. (Out For Glory) (pedigree)

VINCENZINA (M) 1:54 - $39,075. At 2, won NSW Breeders Challenge Semi Final. At 3, 2nd Raith Memorial (Gr.2)(Mach Three) (pedigree)

STATEMENT PLEASE (M) 1:58.4 - $33,488. At 2, won cons QBred Triad. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

BETTABROWN TIGER 1:58.6 - $32,468. (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

TRYNA PORTRAY 1:57.5 - $29,200. At 2, won Vicbred Silver Pace (L)(Equitable) (pedigree)

TOPSIES DELIGHT (M) 1:56.4 - $29,000. (Albert Albert) (pedigree)

BOLTA 1:57.7 - $28,326. (Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

ONA HIGHWAY TOHELL 1:56.1 - $25,841. At 2, won SA Southern Cross Final (Gr.2)(Badlands Hanover) (pedigree)

BETTERTHANBRIE (M) 1:56.2 - $20,950. At 3, 3rd Southland Oaks (Gr.2)(Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

Waytogo Bruno 2:01.9 - $14,665. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

EADIES JOY (M) 1:57.9 - $14,190. (Northern Lights) (pedigree)

HAVARTI (M) 1:58 - $14,166. (Iraklis) (pedigree)

Betterbsweet (M) 2:03.1 - $13,700. At 2, won Belmont, 3rd prel Evicus. (Modern Art) (pedigree)

MOZZARELLA (M) 1:59.6 - $12,610. (Grinfromeartoear) (pedigree)

BRITNEY JANE 1:59.2 - $10,795. (Mach Three) (pedigree)

ELUSIVE PROMISE (M) 2:00 - $10,321. (Fake Left) (pedigree)

Julie Johnston (M) 2:02.3 - $9,685. (P Forty Seven) (pedigree)

WHEN I SEE YOU 1:59.5 - $8,715. (Riverboat King) (pedigree)

NO ALABI 1:56.1 - $8,144. At 3, 3rd SA Derby (Gr.3). (Caprock) (pedigree)

Betterthanlife (M) 2:03.9 - $7,940. At 2, won Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. (Life Sign) (pedigree)


In the Nothern Hemisphere Betterthancheddar's oldest progeny are four year olds in 2019. To date he is the sire of:

WISDOM TREE (M) 1:49.8 - $538,000. At 2, won div NYSS; 2nd div NYSS. At 3, won Nadia Lobell, div and Final NYSS; 2nd div NYSS. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

TRUMP NATION 1:49.6 - $336,381. At 2, won elim Sheppard (3rd in Final), div NYSS Excelsior (twice). At 3, won elim and Final Art Rooney Pace, div NYSS (twice); 2nd div Reynolds Memorial. (Sands A Flyin) (pedigree)

POWERFUL CHRIS (M) 1:50.4 - $271,815. At 2, won leg ONSS Gold, elim Battle Of The Belles. At 3, won leg ONSS Gold; 2nd leg ONSS Gold; 3rd Fan Hanover Final. (Western Hanover) (pedigree)

BETTER SINGLE (M) 1:53.2 - $252,478 At 2, won 3 legs ONSS Gold (2nd in Super Final). At 3, 3rd SBOA Final. (Run The Table) (pedigree)

MY DELIGHT 1:49.8 - $229,257. At 2, 2nd div NYSS (twice); 3rd div NYSS. At 3, won div Reynolds Memorial, div NYSS. (Northern Luck) (pedigree)

CHEDDAR JACK 1:54.2 - $200,280. At 3, won Western Canada Pacing Derby Final, Ralph Klein Memorial, Brad Gunn Breeders Stakes. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

MACH N CHEESE 1:49.8 - $182,581. At 3, won div Reynolds Memorial, div Sagamore (3rd in Final). (Mach Three) (pedigree)

OSTRO HANOVER 1:50.6 - $169,826. At 3, won div NYSS. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

BETTERTHANGRADUATE (M) 1:55 - $169,316. At 2, won div NYSS (twice); 2nd div NYSS (twice); 3rd div Bluegrass, div NYSS. At 3, 3rd div NYSS. (Western Hanover) (pedigree)

CHEESE MELT 1:51.2 - $155,057. At 3, 2nd div NYSS. (Artiscape) (pedigree)

MS CHEESMAN (M) 1:52.4 - $120,652. At 2, won div NYSS. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

CAFE SOCIETY (M) 1:53 - $99,668. At 2, won leg ONSS Gold. (Royal Mattjesty) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
3 18 10 2 2 $777,116 1:49.2
4 11 9 2 0 $800,750 1:48
5 4 0 1 1 $58,220 Q1:52.4
Total 33 19 5 3 $1,636,086  
At 3

Won Breeders Crown, Cane Pace, Windy City Pace, American National, leg Summertime Series; 2nd Ht Little Brown Jug (3rd in Final), div Somebeachsomewhere; 3rd elim Meadowlands Pace.

At 4

Won elim and Final Ben Franklin, Bobby Quillen Memorial Pace, Des Smith Classic, elim Canadian Pacing Derby (2nd in Final); 2nd Mohawk Gold Cup.

At 5

2nd Molson Pace; 3rd elim Ben Franklin.

Bettors Delight
Cam's Card Shark
Laughing Girl
Nan Cam
Bret Hanover
Nan Frost
Jef's Magic Trick
B G's Bunny
Brets Romance
Meadow Trick
Meadow Maine
Classic Wish
Armbro Emerson
Silent Majority
Armbro Uppity
Armbro Fancy
Best Of The Best
Voodoo Hanover
Arlene Dares
Meadow Gene
Araline Hanover
Lady Ashlee Ann
Laughing Girl
Nan Cam
Bret Hanover
Nan Frost
Voodoo Hanover
Perta Hanover
Tar Heel
Pert Dottie
Preacher Edith
Adios Vic
Hal Dale
Adioo Volo
Miss Creedabelle
Jimmy Creed
Belle Grattan
Keystone Sophie
Tar Heel
Billy Direct
Leta Long
Sampson's Maid
Sampson Hanover
Adio Land

View Catalogue Style Pedigree

Betterthancheddar possesses a unique pedigree being bred 3 x 3 to Cam Fella. He also has duplications of Albatross and Tar Heel on X Factor lines and comes from the same maternal family as Knight Dream and Badlands Hanover.

 Also of note is that his third dam is bred 3 x 3 to Volomite.

Given his 3 x 3 cross to Cam Fella we really believe mares from “outcross” type sirelines will suit Betterthancheddar.

This includes sirelines such as Direct Scooter, Abercrombie, Classic Garry and Falcon Seelster.

Direct Scooter line stallions include In The Pocket, Christian Cullen, Mach Three, Courage Under Fire, Stoneridge Scooter, Julius Caesar, Ok Bye, Deal Direct and Direct Flight.

Abercrombie line stallions include Art Major, Astreos, Grinfromeartoear, Artiscape, Albert Albert, Real Desire, Sportswriter, Modern Art, Life Sign, Dream Away, Pacific Rocket, Fully Loaded, Peace Of Art, Panorama, Fitch II, Crouch, Orange Sovereign, etc.

Betterthancheddar’s sire Bettor’s Delight has left some very nice horses out of Albatross line mares. This type of mare could work with Betterthancheddar also.

Such Albatross line stallions include Soky's Atom, Holmes Hanover, Vance Hanover, Butler BG, Vanston Hanover, Talk About Class, etc.

We would recommend that any Albatross line mare contain little, if any Most Happy Fella blood through her maternal pedigree.

The Cam Fella / No Nukes cross has been very successful the world over and we believe it can work also for Betterthancheddar.

Potential No Nukes line stallions include Western Ideal, Safely Kept, Village Jasper, Live Or Die, American Ideal, Caprock, Badlands Hanover, Ticket To Heaven, Metropolitan, Barnett Hanover, Union Guy, Kinney Hanover, Northern Lights, etc.

Badlands Hanover would be particularly interesting given he and Betterthancheddar are from the same family.

As with Albatross line mares we would recommend that the mare contain little if any further Most Happy Fella blood through her maternal pedigree.

We would also recommend looking to reinforce some of the terrific blood Betterthancheddar possess on his maternal side, that being Tar Heel, Adios, Albatross, Volomite and Scotland.

Mares with that blood in their pedigree should be considered for Betterthancheddar.