Auckland Reactor

1:52.9 - $1,837,043. Bay Horse foaled 2004. 15.3 Hands

Auckland Reactor was an excitement machine as a racehorse and he is now forging an exciting stallion career.

He won his first 17 starts in a row – 24 of his first 27 starts. He was the quickest New Zealand horse ever to get to $1 million in earnings.

Auckland Reactor arrived in the big time with a bang in winning the Group 1 NZ Sires Stakes 3yo Final in November 2007. This was the start of a dominating two seasons where he blitzed the opposition in six further Group 1’s – the NZ Derby (NZ Record), NZ Free-For-All (NZ Record), Auckland Cup, Taylor Mile, NZ Messenger (Race Record) and NZ Jewels 4yo Emerald.

Now as a sire he has already a dual Group 1 sire and was Australia's Leading First Crop Stallion.

  • Two time NZ Horse of the Year. Seven time Group One winner.
  • A dual Group 1 sire including the star three year old Chase Auckland! Also the Group 1 2yo Gold Reactor.
  • 2016/17 Leading First Season Sire in Australia!
  • Sire of six Group 1 horses from his first two crops.


AUS Pay On Pos Test: TBD
NZ Pay On Pos Test: TBD
Standing in Australia
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Chase Auckland
Chase Auckland

Auckland Reactor's oldest progeny are four year olds in 2018/19. Australia's Leading First Season Sire in 2016/17. To date he is the sire of:

CHASE AUCKLAND 1:50.4 - $740,396. NZ Three Year Old Pacing Colt/Gelding of the Year. At 3, won Northern Derby (Gr.1), Ht and Final NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1) , Alabar Classic (Gr.2), PGG Wrightson Yearling Sales Series Final (L). At 4, 2nd Paleface Adios Stakes (Gr.2); 3rd Rangiora Classic (Gr.3). As Aged, won NZ FFA (Gr.1), Cambridge Flying Mile (Gr.2), New Brighton Cup (Gr.3); 2nd Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.2) (twice). (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

SOHO BURNING LOVE (M) 1:52.6 - $201,640. At 3, won Ht Bathurst Gold Bracelet (2nd in Final (Gr.2)), Semi Final Vicbred (2nd in Final (Gr.1)); 2nd Ht and Final NSW Oaks (Gr.1), Ht and Final Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.2), Breeders Crown Semi Final; 3rd Vic Oaks (Gr.1). At 4, won Graham Goffin Memorial, Blossom Lady. (Western Terror) (pedigree)

DELIGHTFULREACTION (M) 1:57 - $106,277. At 2, won 2nd Westbred Classic (Gr.1). At 3, 2nd WA Oaks (Gr.1); 3rd Westbred Classic (Gr.1)(Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

GOLD REACTOR 1:55.1 - $76,283. At 2, won Redclife Yearling Sale Series Final (Gr.1) ; 3rd Ht Australasian Breeders Crown. (Ball And Chain) (pedigree)

RED REACTOR 1:57 - $66,600. (Live Or Die) (pedigree)

SHINING ORO (M) 1:52.8 - $65,760. At 4, 2nd Vicbred 4yo Silver (L)(Totally Ruthless) (pedigree)

REVOLVER 1:57 - $52,538. (Vance Hanover) (pedigree)

HIPSTAR 1:56 - $46,773. At 2, 3rd QBred Triad (Gr.1)(Life Sign) (pedigree)

BLUE BLAZER 1:55.8 - $46,755. (Jeremes Jet) (pedigree)

PLEASE SHUDDUP 1:56.2 - $43,909. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

DE LA TOURBIE (M) 1:57.6 - $42,427. At 2, 2nd Ht WA Diamond Classic. At 3, 2nd WA Country Oaks; 3rd Westbred Classic (Gr.1)(Smooth Fella) (pedigree)

ANTERO 1:56.5 - $41,134. At 2, 2nd DeCampo Memorial. (Real Desire) (pedigree)

YOU NINETY TWO 1:57.2 - $40,485. At 3, 2nd Ht and Final Vicbred Platinum Homegrown Classic (Gr.2)(Elsu) (pedigree)

AHA REACTION 1:53.9 - $39,686. (Bettors Delight) (pedigree)

ADMIRAL 1:58.8 - $39,350. (Knight Rainbow) (pedigree)

BOUNTIFUL REACTOR 1:57.6 - $38,904. (Mystical Prince) (pedigree)

SMOKE N REACTOR 1:58.6 - $38,048. (Pacific Rocket) (pedigree)

Temora Reactor 2:00.7 - $35,840. (Brioso Hanover) (pedigree)

MALLEE REACTOR 1:56.4 - $34,050. (In The Pocket) (pedigree)

MY SECRET TORQUE (M) 1:58.3 - $31,841. (Speed King) (pedigree)

QUE SERA (M) 1:56.8 - $31,780. (Fortitude Hanover) (pedigree)

SERGEI 1:54.8 - $31,916. (Strong Life) (pedigree)

TACT BESS (M) 1:57.2 - $31,245. (New York Motoring) (pedigree)

DOUBLE O HEAVEN 1:57.7 - $31,060. (Live Or Die) (pedigree)

HAYAKU HARRY 1:59.4 - $28,048. (Partywiththebigdog) (pedigree)

Iwanadancewitsumbody (M) 2:00.2 - $26,560. (Western Terror) (pedigree)

WATCH ME REACT 1:59.5 - $26,454. (Kinney Hanover) (pedigree)

HOT STARFF (M) 1:59.1 - $26,410. (Sands A Flyin) (pedigree)

ORPHAN REACTOR 1:58.9 - $25,896. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

Frankies Tooth 2:01.7 - $24,950. (Artsplace) (pedigree)

Accelere 2:02.1 - $24,430. At 3, 3rd Ht NZ Sires Stakes. (Dream Away) (pedigree)

As Free As Air (M) tr, 2:07.1 - $21,733. (Island Fantasy) (pedigree)

LADY LANI (M) 1:58.4 - $20,593. (Presidential Ball) (pedigree)

My Patronus (M) 2:02.2 - $20,505. (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

CAP IN HAND (M) 1:59.4 - $19,428. At 2, won Ht WA Sales Classic; 2nd Ht APG. (Safely Kept) (pedigree)

SKIPPERLAND (M) 1:59.7 - $17,712. (Elsu) (pedigree)

MISS ETHEL SUNSHINE (M) 1:59.4 - $17,700. At 2, won Ht NZ Sires Stakes; 3rd Cheviot 2YO Fillies Stakes (Gr.3)(McArdle) (pedigree)

IAN RAYMOND 1:58.6 - $17,660. (Village Jasper) (pedigree)

Jackson Neptune 2:04.4 - $16,975. (Safelt Kept) (pedigree)

JAZZY STAR 1:55.8 - $15,390. (Village Jasper) (pedigree)

Ardtoo 2:00.1 - $13,900. (Dream Away) (pedigree)

NUCLEAR POKER 1:59.7 - $13,813. (Aces N Sevens) (pedigree)

EZY RYDER 1:58.7 - $12,475. (Armbro Operative) (pedigree)

JILLIBY MACARENA 1:59.5 - $12,406. (Major In Art) (pedigree)

Hes A Ladies Man 2:02.9 - $11,300. (New York Motoring) (pedigree)

CLASSIE REACTOR 1:59.7 - $10,285. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

Gotta React 2:03.5 - $8,313. (Live Or Die) (pedigree)

Kundana Gold (M) 2:01 - $7,635. (Camluck) (pedigree)

JUSTCALLMEJULES (M) 2:03.9 - $6,658. At 2, won SA BOTRA Sales Graduate Classic. (Rivergum Magic) (pedigree)

MELTON REACTOR 1:58.5 - $6,770. (Courage Under Fire) (pedigree)

Taramakau Reactor 2:04.9 - $6,641. (Holmes Hanover) (pedigree)

Dallas Cowgirl (M) 2:02.1 - $6,520. (Falcon Seelster) (pedigree)

Blazin Creek 2:06.7 - $6,290. (Christian Cullen) (pedigree)

Reactor Mac 2:09.6 - $4,955. (Walton Hanover) (pedigree)

LOVE IS LOVE 1:58.6 - $3,920. (Presidential Ball) (pedigree)

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Time
3 11 11 0 0 $328,100 1:55.9
4 16 13 2 0 $1,112,556 1:53.5
5 7 1 0 0 $47,158 Q1:51.4
6 3 1 0 0 $13,197 1:52.9
7 9 6 1 0 $314,817 1:53.7
8 7 0 0 1 $21,214  
Total 53 32 3 1 $1,837,043 1:52.9
At 3
Won NZ Derby (Gr.1), Ht and Final NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1), 3yo Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Ht and Final Southern Supremacy Stakes (Gr.2).
At 4
Won Auckland Cup (Gr.1), NZ FFA (Gr.1), Taylor Mile (Gr.1), NZ Messenger Championship (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 4yo Emerald (Gr.1), Franklin Cup (Gr.2), Waikato Flying Mile (Gr.1), 4yo Classic (Gr.3), Firestone FFA (Gr.3), Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.3), Summer Cup (L); 2nd 4yo Futurity Stakes (Gr.2), Ht Inter Dominion (Gr.3).
At 5
Won Junior FFA (Gr.3)
At 6 Set NZ Record for fastest colt of gelding over a mile (breaking his own record).
At 7 Won 3 Hts Inter Dominion (Gr.2), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2), New Brighton Cup (Gr.3); 2nd Hunter Cup (Gr.1).
At 8 3rd Bendigo Cup (Gr.2).
Mach Three
Matt's Scooter
Direct Scooter
Sampson Direct
Sampson Hanover
Dottie Rosecroft
Noble Claire
Noble Victory
Scotch Claire
Ellens Glory
Dale Frost
Countess Vivian
Gloria Barmin
Greentree Adios
Adept Hanover
All Included
Silent Majority
Henry T Adios
Hobby Horse Tar
Duane Hanover
Princess Best
Debra Ann Hanover
Most Happy Fella
Laughing Girl
Darling Almahurst
Bret Hanover
Darling Wave
Atomic Lass
Soky's Atom
Dale Frost
Countess Vivian
Voodoo Hanover
Dancer Hanover
Vibrant Hanover
Soky's Seal
Adios Vic
Miss Creedabelle
Adiana Hanover
Tar Heel
Adios Filly
Tudor Hanover
Tar Heel
Billy Direct
Leta Long
Time Wave
Shadow Wave
Russley Song
Flying Song
Russley Girl
Grattan Loyal

As an awesome example of speed from the Direct Scooter sireline, we expect Auckland Reactor to cross well with similar mares to those which have  typically worked well with this sireline.

One of the very best crosses for Direct Scooter line stallions has been Falcon Seelster or Falcon Seelster line mares. These two sirelines just seem to click. For example if we look at Auckland Reactor’s own sire Mach Three, he has left horses of the calibre of Fly Like An Eagle, Fiery Falcon, and Millwood Meg out of Falcon Seelster mares.

So any Falcon Seelster or Falcon Seelster line mares (such as McArdle, Elsu, Million To One, Ultimate Falcon, Rich And Spoilt, etc) could be well suited for Auckland Reactor.

No Nukes line mares have also achieved good results with Direct Scooter line stallions. If we once again look at Auckland Reactor’s sire Mach Three, he has left $100,000 earners out of Live Or Die, Badlands Hanover, Caprock and Northern Lights mares.

Live Or Die mares particularly have crossed well with Direct Scooter line stallions.

Then of course  other No Nukes line stallions include American IdealSafely Kept, Village Jasper, Ticket To Heaven, Barnett Hanover, Union Guy, Kinney Hanover, etc.

A cross that has really emerged in recent years has been the Direct Scooter line stallion over a Cam Fella line mare.

The great Smoken Up is of course bred in this cross, as is Waikiki Beach and the Hunter Cup winner Choise Achiever.

Mach Three over Cam Fella line mares produced horses such as Mysta Magical Mach (Camtastic), Majestic Mach (Fake Left), Mach Alert (Fake Left), Rosa Mach (Fake Left), and star Canadian female Monkey On My Wheel (Presidential Ball).

We believe particular note should be given to Bettors Delight mares. On paper, and in terms of type and racing characteristics, it appears to be a cross that should work.

Other Cam Fella line stallions include Fake LeftArmbro Operative, Precious Bunny, Pacific Fella, Camtastic, Cameleon, Brioso Hanover, Exotic Earl, etc.

Of course the Albatross sireline has always been a favourite of Direct Scooter line stallions and even though Auckland Reactor is out of a Soky’s Atom mare, we see Albatross line mares as potential good fits for him.

Such Albatross line stallions include Holmes Hanover, Vance Hanover, Butler BG, Talk About Class, etc.

Abercrombie line mares are another group of mares which could also suit Auckland Reactor. Mach Three, Christian Cullen and Courage Under Fire have all sired stakeswinners out of Abercrombie line mares. Recent examples of horses bred on this type of cross include Christen Me, Sleepy Tripp, O Baby, etc.

In Australia and New Zealand such Abercrombie line stallions include Artsplace, Art Major, Astreos, Grinfromeartoear, Artiscape, Albert Albert, Modern Art, Life Sign, Dream Away, Real Desire, Pacific Rocket, Fully Loaded, Peace Of Art, Panorama, Fitch II, Crouch, Orange Sovereign, etc.

One of the best crosses for Auckland Reactor’s sire Mach Three, both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere has been the Mach Three / Beach Towel cross. Horses such as Somebeachsomewhere, Sir Lincoln and Muscle Beach are all bred this way. So it should also be an interesting cross for Auckland Reactor.

One interesting cross for Mach Three is Road Machine mares, which from a limited amount of foals, has produced such horses as Russley Rascal, Joyfuljoy and the $100,000 earner Red Army.  So this could also be an intriguing cross for Auckland Reactor.

In fact Most Happy Fella line mares in general could very well suit Auckland Reactor as both Christian Cullen, Mach Three and Courage Under Fire have all left multiple $100,000 earners out of such mares.

Most Happy Fella line stallions include Smooth Fella, New York Motoring, Whats Next, Troublemaker, etc.