For Sale

2017 Auckland Autumn Weanling and All Age Sale

To be held at Karaka Sales Centre, South Auckland on Sunday 21st May 2017

Inspection Day – 480 Seagrove Road, Waiau Pa - Sunday 7 May, 1pm


Lot Sire Dam Sex Pedigree Photo
13 Majestic Son Just Tartan Around Filly

15 Majestic Son Letz Hope Colt

17 Sunshine Beach Likelys Jet Setter Colt
19 Auckland Reactor Matavutu Colt
21 Auckland Reactor Millwood Bette Filly
25 Majestic Son Mi Sierra Colt
27 Auckland Reactor Monicas Revenge Colt
29 Big Jim Motoring With Chris Filly
32 Mach Three My Dream Brigade Filly
34 Peak My Mums Astar Colt
36 Big Jim Nile Star Colt
38 Majestic Son WITHDRAWN Filly  
42 He's Watching Pomis Princess Filly
44 Sunshine Beach Presidential Affair Colt
46 He's Watching Rose To Stardom Filly
50 Auckland Reactor Russian Gold Filly
52 He's Watching Samantha Chloe Colt
54 Majestic Son Samara Filly
56 He's Watching Scarlett Johansson Filly
58 Big Jim Secret Smile Filly
60 Mach Three Shazza's Dream Filly
62 Art Major Sheza Monkee Filly
65 Betterthancheddar Shy Angel Filly
67 Auckland Reactor WITHDRAWN Colt
69 He's Watching Smooth Brigade Colt
71 Majestic Son Solace Colt
73 Auckland Reactor Tapestry Colt
76 Auckland Reactor Terranora Filly
78 He's Watching Tirol's Sallance Filly
80 Auckland Reactor Tragically Hip Filly
82 Betterthancheddar Tristar Brigade Colt
84 Sunshine Beach Westerly Wind Filly
86 Mach Three Zena Hanover Filly
90 Sunshine Beach Bettorthanzen Colt
93 Sunshine Beach Betty's A Delight Filly
95 A Rocknroll Dance Breeanna Rose Filly
97 Sunshine Beach Caballe Colt
99 Auckland Reactor Callie O'Malley Filly
101 He's Watching Caps N Art Filly
103 Betterthancheddar Chevelle Star Filly
105 Shadow Play Christian Bella Filly
107 Shadow Play Christian Miss Filly
109 Mach Three Cote D Azure Filly
111 Sunshine Beach WITHDRAWN Colt
113 Shadow Play Darkofthemoon Colt
115 Art Major E J Becks Filly
117 Sunshine Beach WITHDRAWN Colt
119 A Rocknroll Dance Gemside Filly
121 Big Jim Holme From The Sea Colt
123 He's Watching Honey To The Bee Filly
125 A Rocknroll Dance I Cee U Filly
127 Mach Three In The Living Years Filly


* Withdrawn Lots: The weanlings will be still be available for sale after the sale. Please contact our NZ Office or