For Sale

Alabar will proudly present another outstanding draft of weanlings at the upcoming 2018 Auckland Autumn Weanling and All Age Sale at Karaka.

Last season saw past graduates Jack Mac and Maczaffair win at Group 1 level, joining a long list of talented horses to have been sold by Alabar NZ at the Auckland Autumn Weanling and All Age Sale.


2018 Auckland Autumn Weanling and All Age Sale

To be held at Karaka Sales Centre on Friday 1st June


Lot Picture Sire Name Dam Name Sex Owner(s)
85 He's Watching Rose To Stardom F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
87 Sunshine Beach Rosie Brogden C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
89 Mach Three Russian Rocket F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
91 Auckland Reactor Sagrantino C Jordash Breeding Trust
93 Sportswriter Samantha Chloe C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
95 Majestic Son Samara F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
97 He's Watching Scarlett Johansson C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
99 Mach Three Sheza Monkee C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
102 Shadow Play Smooth Brigade F Miss S A Matthews
104 Art Major Starlitnight C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
106 Auckland Reactor Star Of Tonight F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
108 Sir Lincoln Stradowan C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
110 Majestic Son Susan F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
112 He's Watching Tapestry F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
114 Auckland Reactor The Black Pearl C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
116 Mach Three This Time Christian F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
120 Auckland Reactor Tragically Hip C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
122 Roll With Joe Tristar Brigade C Miss S A Matthews
127 Sunshine Beach Westerly Wind F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
129 Sportswriter Woodlea DJ C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
131 Auckland Reactor Yes But Of Course C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
135 Mach Three Avant F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
137 Mach Three Ava Rose F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
139 Mach Three Boom Time Baby F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
143 Auckland Reactor Breeanna Rose F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
145 Mach Three Callie O'Malley C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
147 He's Watching Caps N Art C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
151 He's Watching Chevelle Star C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
153 Auckland Reactor Class Major C R J McFarlane
155 Art Major Club Sport F B A Spurdle
159 Majestic Son Corker Moment F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
161 Sunshine Beach Courtney Cass F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
163 Sportswriter Cullens Princess F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
167 He's Watching Darkofthemoon C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
169 Art Major E J Becks F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
171   Sunshine Beach Elsies Delight C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
175 He's Watching Esha F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
177 He's Watching Fleetwood Mach F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
179 He's Watching Gracetown F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
183 Majestic Son Hanover The Gold C Est B S Lloyd
185 Mach Three Hip Pocket C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
187 Betterthancheddar Holme From The Sea C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
191 Sportswriter Honey To The Bee C M W McNamara
193 Mach Three Hu Hu F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
195 Mach Three Ineedanorvic C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
199 Majestic Son Just Tartan Around C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
201 A Rocknroll Dance Kate Caterina F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
203 Auckland Reactor Kim Maguire C T A Henley
207 Peak Lady J C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
209 Sunshine Beach Letsdanceupastorm F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
211 Auckland Reactor Likelys Jet Setter C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
215 Auckland Reactor Make It Hot C G R Henley
217 Majestic Son Meander In The Sun F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
219 Majestic Son Mi Sierra F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
221 Mach Three Motu Racy Girl F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
223 Majestic Son My Mums Astar F Alabar (NZ) Ltd
225 Betterthancheddar Nile Star C Alabar (NZ) Ltd
227 Rock N Roll Heaven Presidential Affair F Alabar (NZ) Ltd