For Sale

2017 Auckland Autumn Weanling and All Age Sale

To be held at Karaka Sales Centre, South Auckland on Sunday 21st May 2017.


Sire Dam Colour Sex Foal Date
A Rocknroll Dance Breeanna Rose BR F 10/11/2016
A Rocknroll Dance Gemside B F 19/11/2016
A Rocknroll Dance I Cee U B F 08/11/2016
Art Major E J Becks B F 13/10/2016
Art Major Sheza Monkee B F 15/11/2016
Auckland Reactor Callie O'Malley B F 02/09/2016
Auckland Reactor Matavutu B C 21/10/2016
Auckland Reactor Monicas Revenge B C 20/10/2016
Auckland Reactor Russian Gold B F 18/09/2016
Auckland Reactor Slipinn B C 03/11/2016
Auckland Reactor Tapestry B C 05/10/2016
Auckland Reactor Terranora B F 11/10/2016
Auckland Reactor Tragically Hip B F 04/11/2016
Auckland Reactor Millwood Bette CH F 20/11/2016
Betterthancheddar Chevelle Star B F 10/11/2016
Betterthancheddar Shy Angel B F 14/09/2016
Betterthancheddar Tristar Brigade B C 01/10/2016
Big Jim(USA) Holme From The Sea BR C 20/10/2016
Big Jim(USA) Motoring With Chris B F 15/10/2016
Big Jim(USA) Nile Star B C 18/09/2016
Big Jim(USA) Secret Smile B F 13/11/2016
He's Watching Caps N Art B F 11/10/2016
He's Watching Pomis Princess B F 23/12/2016
He's Watching Rose To Stardom BR F 14/11/2016
He's Watching Samantha Chloe B C 03/10/2016
He's Watching Scarlett Johansson BR F 28/09/2016
He's Watching Smooth Brigade B C 18/10/2016
He's Watching Tirol's Sallance B F 07/11/2016
He's Watching Honey To The Bee B F 29/10/2016
Mach Three Cote d Azure B F 07/10/2016
Mach Three In The Living Years B F 07/10/2016
Mach Three My Dream Brigade B F 07/11/2016
Mach Three Shazza's Dream B F 16/08/2016
Mach Three Zena Hanover B F 17/11/2016
Majestic Son Just Tartan Around B F 17/11/2016
Majestic Son Letz Hope B C 23/08/2016
Majestic Son Mi Sierra B C 03/12/2016
Majestic Son Not Likely B F 26/09/2016
Majestic Son Samara B F 06/10/2016
Majestic Son Solaria B C 11/11/2016
Peak My Mums Astar B C 20/11/2016
Shadow Play Christian Bella B F 21/10/2016
Shadow Play Christian Miss B F 28/10/2016
Shadow Play Darkofthemoon B C 09/10/2016
Sunshine Beach Caballe B C 03/11/2016
Sunshine Beach Courtney Cass B C 10/09/2016
Sunshine Beach Esha B C 26/10/2016
Sunshine Beach Likelys Jet Setter B C 10/11/2016
Sunshine Beach Presidential Affair B C 22/11/2016
Sunshine Beach Westerly Wind B F 22/09/2016
Sunshine Beach Bettorthanzen BR C 30/11/2016
Sunshine Beach Betty's A Delight B F 06/11/2016